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    Default Thinking of dropping cable for Hulu, Netflix, etc.

    Has anyone else done this? I'm tired of paying over $100/month for cable tv.

    I've already got a Netflix streaming account. I signed up for two months of free Hulu, and one month of free Amazon Instant. I was able to use ds' student email to sign up for a student account, so I can get it for 49 bucks a year after the trial is over.

    Anyway, I'm going to try it out, see what it's like before I cancel the cable tv service. I think that between the three services, and what I can get online for free from network websites, Youtube, etc., it will be totally workable, if not better.

    Any advice or suggestions?


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    We have a Roku, and found we have no need for cable or dish. YouTube, Smithsonian, Hulu, and Netflix more than meet our needs. Go for it. There is no need to throw away all that money each month. However, when MIL visits she is pissed she cannot watch Fox News all the live long day! Lol.
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    Do it.

    Out of the past decade, we had cable for about six months. We have Netflix and Amazon. The Amazon is purchased because my wife also gets it for $50/year with her student status. When she finishes in December, we may or may not keep it at full price. Right now, it is convenient to have Prime shipping with a TV selection. We had Hulu for a short while, but Hulu seems to be for people who want to stay up-to-date with shows currently airing. We do not.

    If you don't need sports and news (through your TV), if you don't watch reality shows, you don't need cable. Netflix costs us just a bit over $100/year and Amazon $50/year.

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    Yes! We did in January and it has been GREAT!

    We were spending $135 for cable/net plus Netflix every month. Now we are down to $31 for net plus Netflix and Hulu is $7.99. Totally worth the savings. We figure, what over $900 in savings just this year.

    We have a smart tv, so no need for Roku. But we did purchase an antenna for local. We get all the regular networks here except pbs is a little funny. Basically the indoor antennas are all the same, just more expensive if you have to buy 50+ miles instead of 30. Ours was $40 at Costco.

    DH was totally against it until he understood that he can still watch most of his live sports (excluding ESPN and nfl network stuff). I get him the mlb package every year anyway for his bday because his home team isn't usually shown in our area. After the first month (when I showed him out cable/net bill was down $100) he said, "I really don't miss it at all."

    The one PITA is CBS. They don't have anyway to watch except on your phone/tablet. Can't stream anything on Smart tv (or Roku I think), but we get fine reception so I just watch live if I can't miss it.

    This is the best thing ever. I highly recommend it. Highly!

    Will edit with links. OTA channels (picture is perfect if you have good reception) How much can you save calculator
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    Definitely do it.

    We've been cable-free for many months when they finally dropped analog cable. We couldn't think of a single reason to keep it. Then again, we weren't watching it before. I think DW has Netflix that she uses.

    Anyway, life is much better without that distraction. We definitely read more.
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    Wow, thanks!

    No sports fans here (unless the Patriots or Red Sox are in the championship!), so that's not a loss. Dh, when I suggested it, put his arms up in a victory salute and said "Yes! Do it!" so no resistance there. Ds has a smart tv, and we have a PS3 and Xbox360 for the others, plus I just found out my 3DS does Hulu, Youtube and Netflix--so there's that.

    I'm considering a Roku, but we might take what we save in the first couple months and splurge on another smart tv instead--not sure yet.

    I'll have to look into antennae for local tv. I think I would miss local news and PBS, so it would be nice if we could get that to work.

    CBS is frustrating--most of my favorite shows are there. However, I think I can get them online, and hook up my laptop to the TV to view. I'll try it this week and see how it works.

    (Oh, and no Faux news fans here, either--we get more than enough filtered through the Daily Show. I'm not sure I could take it straight up!)

    Thanks for the input! I like to know ahead of time if there's something hadn't considered. Everything is pointing towards this being a great idea, but I'm a born and bred Yankee, and change is hard for me.
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    Mom to one, 18 year old son.

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    We cut the cable 2 years ago and haven't regretted it at all.

    We love Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    I can't stand Hulu, because I hate the idea of paying a monthly fee and watching commercials. Instead I downloaded each of the networks apps to my iPad and we watch them from there. There are still commercials, but I am not paying a fee to watch them.

    We also have AppleTV (which is like Roku box) and we are very happy with it.

    PBS and PBSKids has an apps too, so we watch our shows on the app. And it just started on AppleTV.

    As people mentioned, the NFL is the only thing that you would end up missing. All of the major league sports are available by subscription. We subscribe to the NBA though the AppleTV and it has been great. Sports and no commercials.
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    We just have Netflix, but we still pay about $100 a month for high speed internet (we pay extra for super-special internet). The only time I miss cable is when something major is happening and I can't watch live news (like on election night, or when something big happens. At times like those, the CBC live streaming never works, so I have to just wait and read text-based news.)

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    Another vote for the do it camp.

    If you like anything on network TV....get one of these: No need to give up your local channels. AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna - 50 Mile Range: Electronics

    We can pick up about 10 local channels on this thing....and we live in the middle of nowhere. Could NEVER pick up a signal with old aerial antenas here. This thing? Picture is clear as crystal...HD.

    With the money you're saving dropping cable, you can afford to order your favorite shows from Amazon by the episode and still save a ton of money. I still do my favorite pay-TV shows....order them by the episode on Amazon.

    Also, if you order a ton of crap online, Amazon prime will get you not only free shipping, but a massive free TV/Movie data base similar to Netflix.

    My local library has a massive DVD collection. You can take out 12 at a time for a week, for free. New releases, pay TV series, good stuff.

    Lots of ways to skin this cat and save some money.
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    Very handy way to add a bedroom or kitchen TV:
    Retired Home Schooler
    One kid, Elle, Sophomore at The University of Michigan studying Cell/ Molecular Biology Go Blue!
    One hubby, 23yrs

    Not a fan of homophobe, Everett Piper, who is sometimes promoted by others at this site. Read about him here::
    CAUTION: might make blasphemous remarks that could potentially offend religious people. Please use ignore feature if sensitive.

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Thinking of dropping cable for Hulu, Netflix, etc.