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    Did it something like 10 years ago (when they went digital, we had rabbit ears and 3 stations, and when that went away, that's when we got Roku) and never regretted it.
    I would add: get Curiosity Stream! Someone here convinced me to try it and I will always be glad. Many of the documentary series we have discovered stand alone as awesome curriculum, except that in order to retain it, DD12 needs some sort of writing prompt for Q&A, which I then have to generate, which takes time.
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    After being without a smorgasbord of channels for a few years, we just got Directv (it and ATT internet were packaged at costco for less than we are paying the cable company for internet only, plus a $350 costco card).... I guess because discovery channel companies dont do streaming, I really missed those, because Ive been watching (recorded) tv daily.
    I never realised how much I would miss it!
    Maybe its the difference between ordering at a restaurant, or having a Vegas buffet in front of you.
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    Im still in LOVE with my roku! I have 3! One is a roku stick and I can take it with me when I travel. Dont have to miss a thing and I dont have to watch the local channels. I have Sling for hubby. Hes the tv person of the house. I have Hulu. We both watch Netflix, but it just doesnt have much of what I like, however, they have gotten really creative with their movies and programming. We will see if it stays. I have cancelled it once before, but I also cancelled Hulu before as well. Brought them both back. Through the roku, hubby really likes to watch you tube. He is watching Def Leopard videos as I type this...maybe I can sneak some Slaughter in there later LOL!I can also mirror through the roku as well. I havent missed directv at all. They are the reason I got a roku. Ever since Att took them over, they just arent the same. I wish I had the choice of another internet provider, Att and Spectrum just havent worked for us. And we are paying only 25% of what we were paying for cable. I am beginning to think it just depends on the area a person may live in?
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