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    We did it last fall and love it! We now have HULU, Netflix and amazon (though, I don't think Amazon has a lot of content that we really want, but we can order movies if we really want to). I am so glad we did it! We get our tv access through our XBOX, which incidentally also has access to PBS, History channels (partial access) and others. I would absolutely tell anyone to go ahead and do it. With a laptop or tablet, we plug into the tv and watch a lot of content free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueberrymama View Post
    Depending on where you are in NH you may be able to get away with rabbit ears or you may have to get something higher powered. (When I lived in Plymouth all I could get was channel 9, very staticky, on a good day...) We live in a city now with all the broadcast channels local (I can almost see the towers from my house, lol) but we've been thinking about getting one to put in the attic & then running a cable down to the TV so we can get all the channels without having to adjust the rabbit ears all the time.
    We're in the Seacoast area, so NH PBS for sure and WMUR, ION, plus a couple of Maine stations, and Boston is a possibility. Also, we're in a 3rd floor apt., so that should help.

    I grew up in the Newfound Lake area, so I remember how dismal the TV stations were up there with only an antenna--maybe 3 or 4 if we were lucky. But, it meant I spent a lot of time outdoors, so I guess it was a good thing.

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    I'll just add my support to what's already been said. We ditched cable a few years ago and haven't missed it at all. The TV is on less and we can watch what we want on the Apple TV or on Netflix. If you have an arial antenna, you'll get all the local broadcast TV, which gives you free High Def and loads of extra PBS channels that paid basic cable never gave us anyway.

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    I was talking to DH about this again today. We both know several people who have cut the cord with their cable provider. Neither of us know anyone that switched back.

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    Have not paid for cable in at least 10 years. Have not missed it one bit. Netflix or DVD's for us. We get DVD's from the library and once a month or so from Redbox.
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    FINALLY talked dh into giving up cable a few years back. We have Roku, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and currently right now have Sling on the Roku so I could watch PLL and TWD. Now that they are over we will likely drop that too. I do have access to HBOgo right now on Roku, and *may* cave in and get an Apple TV to be able to get HBOnow. Not sure yet tho. (I HATE watching on computers, so, there's that....)
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    I've been trying to go without watching the cable for the past couple days to see what it's like--so far, so good! The only thing I really miss is local news, but I ordered an antenna, so hopefully that will give me some.

    My plan for shows that I can only see on the computer is to plug my laptop into the TV. But, I'm hopeful that the antenna may obviate most of the need for that--it would mainly be for CBS shows. I'm also finding some things on YouTube, which is on the PS3, so I can see it on the TV. If anything, I'm finding too much to watch compared to cable! When I looked at BBC on Hulu---hoo boy!

    I've been building favorites lists on all of the services. The main problem I was having was that it took me so long to look through everything available!

    Sling has a monthly fee, yes? I'm not sure about that one. I'm hoping that I'll be able to see TWD online when it's time. (Spin-off this summer!) I'm thinking about Roku, but I'll see how it goes with the Xbox and PS3 first.

    Oh, and if I can get a decent amount of channels on the antenna, I might look into a standalone DVR.

    It's all so different, but I'm really excited to give this a go! Haven't canceled cable yet, but hopefully soon, if I get all the various device and cords ready to go.

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    We are doing it as well. You should definitely go for it.

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    We already have gotten AppleTV up and running... Im relieved it has all my PBS shows on demand.
    Baby is already streaming his amazon prime shows onto the tv - he is so thrilled to be able to control the tv from his ipad!

    Hopefully this weekend Hubby will install the OTA to work with our tivo, then we can cut our bill!

    Im so excited! Thanks Dragonfly for starting this thread, and thanks everyone with tips!
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    Note on OTA: The tablo.com site appears to be overly optimistic. All of our stations were listed within 35 mile range, yet the amazon antenna we bought received only the weakest of signals. Nothing strong enough to get a channel.
    DH found these two sites that have a more impartial forecast of channel reception.

    The Digital TV Transition: Reception Maps

    AntennaWeb - Address
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