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    Default Kitchen Table vs. Desk vs. ???

    We've largely been "kitchen table" homeschoolers. We got the older kids desks for their rooms when they were 7 and 11 and they've only recently begun using them (they're 12 and almost-16 now) and that was only out of desperation because their younger siblings were driving them crazy.

    Now I've got a 4 and 6yo too and we usually do everything from crafts to schoolwork at the kitchen table. We don't have a formal dining room so only one table is available for crafts or eating, which can be a problem at times.

    I do have our family room (off the breakfast nook, where our table lives) set up with all our crafts and educational posters, etc. My own sewing and crafting stuff is in there too. I'm considering getting a child-sized work-table or perhaps two kid-sized desks for the family room area, because I'm growing tired of having to move crafts/schoolwork off the table to eat, or ending up doing crafts/school in a sticky mess because someone forgot to clean the table or didn't clean it well.

    I'm wondering what other families do?
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    Kitchen table. Most painting happens outside. and Cutting can only happen in the kitchen, just because the floor is easier to sweep. We just got a tiny school desk which is fun, but not very practical.

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    Kitchen table is the primary location for homeschooling here. My two also have a desk to use in their bedroom, but only use it when they feel distracted.

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    Kitchen/dining room table (one and the same). I'd be open to having a dedicated "school room" in our next house IF it were open to the rest of the house, like a parlor or formal dining room that we wouldn't otherwise use. I could see making that kind of space really organic and fun.
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    Kitchen table, though it was installed for their homeschooling. It is a short bar table the attaches to the IKEA shelving we have to organize the homeschool stuff and daycare stuff. It is just large enough for each boy to sit one on each side with their computers. We tried them doing schoolwork in their room on their computers but unsupervised, we had websurfing issues(teenage boys!) so that was stopped! All computer work is done in the kitchen, reading and writing is their choice, kitchen table or their room. Most of the time because of daycare kids.... they go to their room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mama2fouraz View Post
    I've got a 4 and 6yo too and we usually do everything from crafts to schoolwork at the kitchen table. We don't have a formal dining room so only one table is available for crafts or eating, which can be a problem at times.

    I'm wondering what other families do?
    We have the same problem: one 4-person table for eating and crafts and schoolwork. It is also our dumping and collection station. It's a real pain, though it's nice to have everyone in the same room.

    We have a playroom that I am converting slowly into a school room. There are two small desks, one with a pc for the kids and DD has taken over the other with her sewing stuff. There's also a small table at which DS does his school work these days. My plan is to continue to transition this into a more dedicated school room--move out more toys and freeing up our poor, overused kitchen table.
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    We have a "school" room now, something I'd always wanted even if it was just a place to keep all my stuff in one place. After our house fire my kids all voted to rework the bedroom situation so that we could turn the largest bedroom into a classroom. *They* wanted this, and I have had no regrets. Now when anyone needs a map/globe/dictionary/certain books/art supplies/science experiment supplies...they're all in one room.

    The best part is not having stuff all over the kitchen table, something that used to drive my husband batsh** crazy.

    We do have books on shelves all over the house, though. But those aren't "school"; they're life.
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    We're all over the house and hsing was in our minds when we looked at houses. You definitely know this is a kid-centric house when you arrive!

    Formal dining became our tv room, formal living is our schoolroom with storage, a library table for work, and a couch by a window for reading. Old dining table in our family room used for math and writing, computer table in a nook (with microscope connected to Mac), kids' table and chairs for crafts in our eat-in-dining -- only place we don't work is the (counter-height) dining table! A couch in the playroom for more reading. We have an old 30s school desk, more for fun (coloring books stored inside). Chalkboard on wall in center of house. My office/craftroom is only grudgingly opened when the older kids need to do something toddler-free.

    So, school happens everywhere, but the biggest thing to me is having a place to store all the materials and crafts. Next in importance is a couple nice comfy places for dd to do her reading in peace and for us to snuggle during story time.

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    Dining room table. The need to eat helps us get it clean when we might not otherwise, honestly.
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    Last year was kitchen table, leaving the chalkboard in the basement woefully underutilized because we didn't have a table there. This year, we got a deal on a nice (heavy!) granite table with a crack in it that is sitting right in front of the chalkboard. All the books, workbooks, and binders are over to the right of the table. It's working well, but we still don't manage to keep it free of clutter.
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Kitchen Table vs. Desk vs. ???