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    Talking Progress apps

    I am interested in an app that my child would be able to chart progress and completion of activities and assignments. Something that tallies accomplishments and such.
    I have looked at class dojo that some schools use but that does not seem appropriate for homeschool.
    I would be very interested to hear what others are doing. We will be starting our first year of homeschool with my 3rd grader and she responds really well to such things, particularly in digital formats.

    Thanks for any feedback!


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    I'm no help. Ah, I'm from such a different era, apparently. I thought my family was high tech when I would use Word to make and print a list of assignments (initially daily, then weekly) for my kids and they enjoyed physically crossing things off the list.

    Now in college, they still use a paper calendar book to keep track of assignments.....

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    Thanks for the feedback. I am a pen and paper person too

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    Are you looking for a digital checklist? I don't know what computer system/tablet you have, but Google has one called Google Keep. Apple has both Reminders and Notes, which allows for check lists.

    Or are you hoping for something more specific to school?
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    Oh! Check out the homework / school planner apps. I researched a bunch of them, Im sure I shared my opinion about them here.
    After all the fancy apps, what we end up using is a printed out weekly anticipated checklist, and I make / print a new one each week.
    So, yes, Word File. When I get home I will look up that old thread. Or you can search yourself.
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