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    Default Will you critique my work plan for next year?

    Will you critique my work plan for next year?
    Will you critique my work plan and checklist?

    The checklist would be laminated and used with a dry erase marker. I would add any planned lessons I had for him that week and he could use it to plan his own pacing, as desired. (The binder would also contain a listing of the curriculum to maintain his ownership over what he's learning.)

    The work plan wouldn't be laminated and a new one would be printed each week. This would give him a written record of what he's done all year.

    Any suggestions for improvement?


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    It seems good. It looks like it's a more user friendly version of your chalkboard daily plan, which is working well for you, so that's really good. The type is a little small? I'm wondering if you'll really have room to write in marker on all those spaces. But if you can, it seems solid. And you customized it to your needs, so that's great.

    Here's what I'll say about our own experiences with doing things like this. And by "things like this" I mean new and improved organization of daily work and checklists and plans. They are useful and exciting to help us start the year off right sometimes. But... also, they have always proven too inflexible to maintain long term. You seem like you're way more specifically organized and... I'm trying to think of a word for rigid with a positive connotation, because I really do mean it positively - sometimes that works really well for people. So it's possible you won't have that experience and you'll maintain this checklist for the whole year. For us, it would be something that worked for a little while and then stopped fitting our needs.

    We have done a number of things over the years with organization of work. For the last couple of years, for middle school, we've kept planners and I write the work in each morning.

    In terms of the long term management of tasks - weekly instead of daily work - that has never worked for us, but it works great for some families. Play around with it and see how it goes. Some kids will learn a lot from managing some of their own time. Some will eat their vegetables first and leave the fun work or pace it well. Some will screw up and then learn to get it right. Others will always procrastinate the tasks they don't want to do so that you end up with Fridays - the last day to do the work - being a parade of misery every single week.

    Ah, and the printouts for the record. Why? What's your goal? I sometimes joke that I didn't get into homeschooling for the data entry. That feels like data entry to me.

    Which is not to say that I don't believe in kids doing things to learn to own their work. We do a portfolio process and my kids write self-assessments and do goal setting. I have them choose their own sample work for the portfolio over the course of the year. This feels like it will end up being a dry set of 30 or so pages (one per week) listing what pages of the math book he got through and the assignments for papers and so forth. Will he feel a connection with that? Will you? Do you need it for the state for some reason? Is there another way to provide what they need if so?
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    We don't have to report anything to the state. It's for my own anal retentive needs.

    I think rigid for a word for me works. It's hard for me to make changes.
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    And *this* kid is naturally the "eat the vegetables" first kind of kid. I'd do it anyway, as if he wasn't...he'd need more practice managing his time and tasks.
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    As lomg as its working for you, thats what matters.
    Im required to fill out a monthly attendance sheet, so for me printing out something each week helps. It probably doesnt hurt to have a log of when you get stuff done.
    Im a little confused, though. You have the chalkboard, for whats going on thst day, and the laminated one for you to write your plan for the week on, and then... is he supposed to fill out a form with the work hes already done?

    Ive found how I make my weekly list changes every couple months. Currently, we are in a phase of "we do whatever mom says... and shes enjoying doing science". We have also recently done the "you pick 4 a day, I dont care how you break it up", and we have also done "youre going to do these things each day". We have also done where the whole week was devoted to one subject.... and weeks where we did something totally different from the norm.

    I guess Im just suggesting you stay flexible (not rigid), and use this planner as long as it works for you, but dont print out 6 months worth of templates.

    You could try where he is planning, but I wouldnt hold my breath. I use my planning time to look over the material, to estimate how easily its going to get done, to decide if I need to find some additional resources, if I want to skip or combine or omit or.... things my DS couldnt possibly do because he doesnt know the material yet.
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    I can print them out one week at a time in an attempt to help us stay flexible.

    I am planning for the dry erase version to take the place of the chalkboard we use now. We are still planning to make the garage a homeschool room and move in there before next school year.
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    I love a planner <3 I can't get in close enough to read it, but the set-up looks great. I like the idea of a dry erase, though my anal retentiveness requires me to keep all the pages. What kind of pens are you getting? You might want to think about wet erase like Vis-a-Vis so it will last the week. If that's smudgy you can always use a sharpie and erase it with alcohol or hand sanitizer. That'll clean the dry erase really well, too. Yay planners!
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    Either this is just a draft or you have the cleanest toilet ever!

    I think this looks great. I also like your laminated, erasable idea and TFZ's recommendation for using a wet erase marker. You can take a pic of it at the beginning of the week (for your records), have your son cross off assignments as he goes and then you just clean it w/ water at the end of the week. If you do it this way, I'd add a section for the week span, like May 1-5.
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Will you critique my work plan for next year?