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    Default Where/How do you store your homeschool stuff?

    I'm still figuring things out. It seems like we do the bulk of homeschooling in the living room, so I'd like to store our stuff there. I also want to buy or make a supply station/caddy of some sort.

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    We have one of these. Pencils, erasers, rulers, scissors, etc. are in the top drawer. One subject per drawer. I put a small whiteboard with a note from me for a scheduled break about halfway through the drawers, with a little snack.

    Art supplies are kept in a cabinet in the kitchen. All the other books are in DS8's room. They are books for him to read, so I don't see a reason to keep them in an Official School Location. I only have one kid, so I can see where that may not work if you have more than one kiddo at a similar reading level.

    Finished work is stored in file boxes in a closet.
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    MissLemon, thank you for the link. I had to buy a 15-drawer cart because it looked so great and I hope to pile all of our supplies there.
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    I really like that cart. It's nice to have everything we are currently using in one place. No rummaging around for pencils or tape! Having one subject per drawer helps DS8 pace himself, too.

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    Ah, B Light, I wish we were like Miss Lemon. Stuff is everywhere. We have bookcases in LR and all bedrooms. We would have this even without homeschooling--we are big readers. We have an armoire that stores most art supplies. Overstock is in categories in storage shed. We tried keeping things confined in the early years..for us, it doesn't work. We have accepted this lifestyle lol. But, I have one of those carts! We use it for daily school supply consumables (pencils, erasers, pencil lead, pens, paper, graph paper, lined paper, tape, envelopes, etc. Love it!
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    Homeschooling specific stuff we kept in a few plastic crates in the living room. Craft supplies, etc already had a place in our "project center" in the basement, made of public school nurse's office cast off cabinets.

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    We store everything on the bookshelves. We have a big bookcase in the dining room, and a giant one in the family room, but we are running out of space for books. I am guilty of buying way more books than I really need.

    Now, if this cart will turn out great, I can free a couple of shelves from all of the supplies and put more books there.
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    I have some big storage boxes in the back for storage. One rolling cart with three plastic drawers for stuff we use daily, projects, and to hold stuff that's coming up, and one of these little bookshelves to hold/display the BYL books and other ones we're reading so that he can get them himself when he feels the urge. I keep everything by my desk except the storage boxes are all on a few shelves in the garage.
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    We have a basket filled with cups holding - pencils, colored pencils, scissors, and erasers as well as a special spot for rulers and calculators (at the moment, anyway, this has evolved over time what's in the central basket) that goes on the dining table and gets moved off if the table is being used for eating.

    We have a storage area for craft supplies that are more rarely used, as well as sewing supplies and overflow supplies down in the basement rec room in a special closet.

    We have a bookshelf with bins of markers, glues, tapes, papers, and so forth that get heavy use in the dining room. The math manipulatives (and every time I think we have absolutely outgrown those C-rods and pattern tiles they come out again!) and math kits (compasses, etc.) live there too.

    Each child has a basket of workbooks and textbooks and notebooks currently in use. And a basket for tossing in loose work and art that's finished. (The latter gets cleaned out a few times a year but otherwise is just forgotten in a heap.)

    Educational games are integrated in with the regular games. Books are integrated onto the bookshelves. However, I keep two shelves on one of the bookcases - one for materials for me and another with the currently in use books as well as library materials.
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    Target sells plastic crates and I have tons of them. I often use them as storage - they also work as file drawers, so I currently have all our (current) school stuff in hanging files. I have a bookshelf in my study dedicated to school related books

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Where/How do you store your homeschool stuff?