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    Default "Afterschooling" my high schooler?

    Wondering if others have done this. My daughter went to school for the first time this fall, to the public 8th grade (she was 12 turning 13), and a few weeks in, took advantage of an opportunity to transfer to the arts-based charter high school she was on the waitlist for, as a 9th grader, through an option they call "2-year 9th grade." I'm still not sure how that works, but I guess we'll see.

    Anyway, part of the deal with this charter is that they take 6 arts classes per semester, which means that core academics as well as arts classes each get about 2 class periods per week. That's not a lot for getting in a week's worth of Algebra II.

    The homework load at this school is light, which both gives her the time to do extra assignments, and the need for them when she's struggling.
    When I checked her most recent AlgebraII homework, and found she got most of them wrong, I assigned her the same topic on Khan Academy, to be completed BEFORE attempting to do her school homework. She buzzed through a few Khan problems, getting the easy ones and stopping after just a few, decided it was more important to get her school homework completed, and went ahead and re-did her school homework instead....and BOMBED it, again. I checked, and again, most of them wrong.

    So I am going to have to insist that she complete what I have assigned her on Khan first, to prove to herself and me that she does indeed understand what the homework is, before trying to do it for school. The beauty of it is, Khan only gives small numbers of problems, that if you get them all right, you're done...if you stumble through getting most of them wong, it has hints, step-by-step explanations, and videos to help you, and then you have to do more problems to show you really got it that time, before moving on, and it all happens right then, no turnaround time.

    But either way, if she doesn't need the extra work, doing the topics on Khan first will only take a few minutes of her time. But if she does need the extra work, Khan will detect that and save her from blundering through homework only thinking she's got it when she doesn't, to be shocked when she gets it back with a terrible grade.

    But we're only just beginning this new thing of "afterschooling" or supplementary homeschooling or individual tutoring (or whatever we want to call it) and I would love to read the experiences and advice of anyone else here who has ever had to supplement their kid's learning in school, or who has blended homeschooling with school, by homeschooling during the summer.
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    I can't imagine a high school experience where you're only doing 2 academic credits per year. Are some of the arts credits doubling - like art history for history or something? Even so, that's iffy since many colleges want a specific credit in US history. And even with that, that's not going to add up to enough Carnegie hours for most college requirements. I mean, most places require four full years of math, two years of a foreign language, three lab sciences, etc. etc. You can absolutely get by with less, but I'd think you'd need to do at least 3 or 4 credits a year - especially in case a student failed something. There would be no margin for error.

    Your approach with Khan sounds good though. I think beyond math, it would depend on your goals.
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    I also think you're on the right track with the Khan Academy approach, especially that it's limited in time AND detects the problem areas.

    I believe math, like writing and reading, is one of those subjects best done a little at a time but more often and regularly. With the kids I see for my homeschool math classes, we only meet once a week for a couple of hours. But my recommendation to them is to spread the work out through the week. I equate it to practicing an instrument or a sport--most people do a set amount almost every day.

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    Hi! This "afterschooling" is a great idea. What subjects are you supplementing with Khan Academy? We worked with for English/ Language Arts, but they are closing in June. So, we are now working with a company called Macbeth Academy for their intensive writing program. They recently started a Spanish language program that we are also taking part in.

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"Afterschooling" my high schooler?