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    I think today, was one of those days. I'm 2 weeks from popping out baby 3, so my hormones are a bit all over the place. Normally I'm pretty calm and collected, but I woke up in a mooooood. Even the dogs were getting on my nerves.

    I fix breakfast like usual and my oldest daughter starts going on about having a science fair on Tuesday(?) and I need to pick out the clothes I want to wear. I try to get her to explain what she's driving at, since,it's just us here, and yes,we're doing a science experiment Tuesday, but where is the fair coming into play?

    Kids eat, and get their 30 minutes of play before schooling. Somehow (I think the terminex guy) the lock on the gate was unlatched, so my pug and my 5yo escaped into the front yard to jump in muddy puddles created by the neighbors leaky hose. *sigh*

    I get through an abbreviated lesson with my cleaned up 5yo, and then my oldest daughter gets to do math. We are talking about estimation, and I've given several examples and we talked about it, so finally I say ok, here's your turn to try....56+35. Round the numbers and then add. 60+40, awesome....answer she writes? 10. :/

    Ok, this child has been doing serious math with regrouping for a while now. I'm stumped. I try to ask her what her reasoning ison this, and she breaks down. Full on flip out....included was her saying that I just hate her and that I'm just always wanting her to be wrong. This goes on for....well, longer than I'd like to admit. I was in my own mood, so instead of being cool, calm and collected and us taking a step back, I got a little irritated. Finally she asks me for a hug and while we're hugging and I'm telling her I love her, and how she's so smart she just needs to calm down, she tells me that she is confused. OK....let's talk about it. After that, she did her 20 problems in roughly 15 minutes. OY.

    After that, we move on to the state of the day, it's my 5yo's turn to pick the state. Apparently while I was dragging my very pregnant butt into the back room where the map is, they decided to learn about Arizona. But nooooooooo....big sister mentioned the state to me, so 5yo flips out screaming that NO, this is NOT the state she wants to do anymore! She wants the SWAN state!! Fine, whatever, Louisiana it is....

    ****Mommy wants to just go into her room and cry now****

    Goodness....we're doing better now, but....holy goodness was this morning something else. -- Documenting my joys in life.

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    Can you pawn the kids off on anyone for a few hours....Good luck and congrats!!
    Patty - homeschooling two great kids (6 & 8). My approach has completely changed since we began in 8/11. I thought "school at home" would be our style, but we are evolving, finding out what works for us.

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    aww, days like that suck, and even more so when you're largely pregnant. Everything's hard at that stage!! I hope tomorrow's a better this point I'd honestly be tempted to just start summer break early and start back after everyone's adjusted to life with baby
    Kristin, sporadically, eclectically, homeschooling mom to Wynter (Nov 1st 2003), Cassia (Nov 2nd 2005), Solaine (Dec 21st 2007) and Orielle (July 23rd 2010)

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    Sorry! I cried everyday the those last couple weeks with both of mine. I would also pull back on my expectations as far as hsing. I hope tomorrow is better.
    home schooling two dds 17(still waters) and 10(force of nature)

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    also days like this add texture to life and help us appreciate the peaceful days when they come! just get through it, tomorrow is another day
    Cara, homeschooling one
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    This is so me!! Right down to the regrouping in math meltdown. Only it's dh that gets to deal with all that. I could have written this whole post. I was recently very pregnant as well and can totally understand the waking up to everything just getting on your nerves. I hope it gets better.
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    Thanks everyone Today was a much better day. I just decided to avoid math today, and we focused mainly on grammar and reading, which went over quite well. Even my husband was in a mood when he got home yesterday.

    We're definitely on a light version of schooling right now and I plan on taking next week off until the baby gets here and then a few weeks after that. I'm just so glad that I have a place to let that all out and not feel bad! -- Documenting my joys in life.

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