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    Meh, maybe I'm in the wrong part of the forum, but this is an issue along with resource request! I'm finding my 5-almost-6 year old is having a hard time lately with remembering her social cues. Stuff like hiding behind us when she meets a new person (this is new for her) and general manners and respect. I'm looking for some secular lessons or curriculum we can use to refresh her on things like how to speak to others and so on and so forth. Earlier this year I somehow found a recommendation for a book series that looked like it was from the early 80s late 90s. It was 28 or 30 books and I swore I added them to my Amazon wish list but alas I did not. Give me all you've got because right now I'm hiding in a hole with my weird unsocialized homeschool kid

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    My kiddo is on the spectrum so social skills were a big part of our homeschool plan. For that age, I would look at game-based ideas. There's a series of board games simply called "Social Skills Board Games" or something similar. You can pick those up at Amazon, I'm sure. Then, I'd do a fun Pinterest search for "social skills games for kids." You'll probably be overwhelmed with all the creative ideas you'll see that teachers and parents have come up with for teaching specific skills, but it's a goldmine of a resource.

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    Thanks Topsy! I didn't think to check Pinterest. I got so focused on those darned books.. Glad I came here to get some help

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    Maybe some of this is her age? Or confidence in the situation? Does she get bombarded with questions from strangers? ("How old are you?" seems to be one strangers like asking, that I hadnt pre-trained my older one to answer.)

    My DS4 has been in a group social skills therapy for the last year or so... having an adult making a concerted effort to teach the interactions has made a huge difference for us. When youre out in the wild, like a playground or grocery store, we dont always have the ability to practice and rehearse (or have control over what the other kids are doing).

    Maybe you could arrange a couple playdates where you have more structured activities? And where you can prompt the behaviors. "Here is our friend Sam arriving, say Hi Sam, how are you today? There Sam missed the basket, say good try.

    Maybe that stuff seems totally lame for kids that dont have challenges with other issues, but learning manners doesnt really come from a book.
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    Any chance you are thinking of the books by Joy Wilt Berry? She wrote a couple of book series for different age groups. I think the "Let's Talk About..." series is geared toward kids your daughter's age. If you look on ebay, you will see a lot of sets of her books. We have a few of the "Let's Talk About..." books, and a bunch of the "Survival Series" books. DS8 loves them, and I've actually caught him reading the books after he's had a tough time somewhere.

    I will say that the books will not meet everyone's definition of secular. At least one of the books had a picture of a family praying or going to church. It was more like "Here's a thing that some families do", rather than "Yay, Jesus! Don't throw tantrums, because it makes Jesus cry!", if that makes sense.

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    I found them!!!! It was the Help Me Be Good series by Joy Berry. I happened upon them in a used bookstore this weekend and audible squealed (or squee, isn't that what the kids say these days?)So thanks for all the help

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    Yay, glad you found what you needed. We really like all the Joy Berry books. There are lots of them, all for different age ranges. I like that she doesn't talk down to the kids in the books.

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Moral/Values based lessons