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    I totally agree that social skills are lacking in many kids (often in my own kids included). It goes in both directions. Some kids do not return a greeting or a smile and hide/run away/divert eyes instead. And some do not take no for an answer, bug and annoy others. But isn't it a part of being a kid? They do not know how, they are not all born with perfect people skills. They needs parents to guide them and show them how...and many parents just do not get all.

    I was once in a kids' pool, sitting on the edge, watching my kids splash around. A 4-5yo boy started talking to me, and asking questions, and talking, and talking, for a good 30 min he was bugging me (his parents nowhere in sight), then he brought over the whole collection of his boats and started literally running the boats up my legs. At this point, I started asking loudly where his parents were and telling him that it was not OK to touch other people in the pool. Finally, his mother appeared and screamed at me that I should not had come to a public pool if I did not like others touching me. ??? What has her boy learned that day?

    (I do not know what it is about me (maybe, I look too frumpy) that always attracts somebody else's annoying children.)
    mom to 3 girls: DD10, DD8, DD6

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    Or maybe you just find children, other than your own, annoying?
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    Lolololol you get a hug for that one!
    I'm a work-at-home mom to three, homeschool enthusiast, and avid planner fueled by lattes and Florida sunshine. My oldest is 6 and is a fircond grader (that's somewhere between first and second, naturally), my preschooler just told me she wants to learn how to read, and my toddler is a force of nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muddylilly View Post
    Or maybe you just find children, other than your own, annoying?
    Definitely - any other child that came into my personal space uninvited would be annoying to me. That is what they have their own parents for.
    mom to 3 girls: DD10, DD8, DD6

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    That's so sweet, TFZ. I know you aren't a hugger. Thanks!
    Homeschooling two sons (14 and 16) from day one. Atheist.
    Eclectic, Slackschooler covering 8th and 10th grades this year.

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    I DO find other ppl's children annoying. I am dreading going to visit my sis in law because she had a baby and I'm just "ugh, babies!"

    We take tech to the park, but I never sit more than a few feet away or stay RIGHT there. It's amazing how much better other kids behave when there is an adult within easy hearing distance. Tech is quite delayed in his speech, but can be a bossy bones, so I stay near mostly (now that I'm past the point of worrying he will fling himself off the play equipment)to be sure that he allows other kids to slide, or isn't too bossy. We've totally removed him from the area and had him sit down while another kid was being a butthead. And I said quite loudly that he couldn't play while other kids were being complete jerks.

    We were actually at a playground once and ALL the parents except one pulled their kids off the play equipment, because the one boy was CHOKING children! When it was pointed out to the mother her response was "He's only 3! They are all bigger than him! He can't hurt them!" We just pulled our kids off until she left with her future prison inmate and then let the kids return to playing.

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    Love it!! I am actually inspired to also call a spade a spade when this happens.
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    Kids are so much more than a test score.
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    I have called out other kids for being rude and nasty, and I don't feel bad about it at all. We went to chik fil a, and ds7 went into the play area and said hi to the 2 kids in there. They loudly announced they didn't want to play with him, (ok, kinda sucks, but that is their choice). They crossed the line when they told every new kid that walked in "Don't play with ds7! We hate him and he is gross! Everyone ignore him when he talks!".

    What amazed me was that they gleefully said all this while looking me in the eye, as if they were certain I would let it go, or we would leave. I told ds loudly "Don't play with those kids. They are mean and rude, and we don't play with mean, rude kids". Every kid in there just stared at me, like they couldn't believe I spoke up. I got the idea that no one ever calls them out on their nasty behavior.

    You don't want to play? Fine. There is no reason to be nasty, however.

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    Yah, that was me being petty.

    It was that anger from seeing your kid being mistreated.
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    Re: Mom wrath - I have no problem calling people's ill-mannered, unkind, ugly children out if they are rude or unkind to my kids. Once upon a time, an older child pushed M2 off of a riding toy and then bragged about making him cry. M2 was two and a half, this kid was six or seven. So I unhinged my jaw and ate him.

    My kids get away with nothing in the crap behavior department. Why should others?

    **I assume this for neurotypical children only, though to be honest, I have never had a parent tell me their perfect monster is bullying my kid because they're neurodivergent.
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