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    Default placement testing?

    We are starting homeschooling tomorrow. The school sent home *everything* from their school year. I am not going to go about it the way they have been. But I have been looking through and it isn't giving me a clear picture (i.e. my son's F on his geometry quiz was fully about being bored out of his mind cause he learned geometry in 2nd, my daughter has done 15 pages of her leveled reading work book while watching a show on tv because at school she is too stressed to do it).

    But in Math and reading, I need some idea of where they are. Any online type assessments I could use for that?

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    many of the math curriculum providers have placement tests on their websites. I didnt do any formal reading education, i just found books in the library he could and was willing to read.
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    Try these

    Reading Level Assessment | A2Z Homeschooling

    Excellence in Spelling Placement Test | Institute for Excellence in Writing

    I wouldn't do them all at once, just a bit at a time over the next few weeks.
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    For math, I second using the placement test of the math program you intend to use.

    Here's Math Mammoth's:
    Math Mammoth placement tests - free math assessment

    Here's Singapore's:

    There are plenty of other programs out there too... Saxon, Teaching Textbooks, Right Start... Most programs will have something.
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    Also try
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    Calvert has some free materials available online for both math and reading levels.
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    These are great! We were looking for a way to "test" the kids since Texas doesn't require state testing! Thanks for sharing!
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