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Thread: Grrrr Co-ops

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    Default Grrrr Co-ops

    You guys area always right. Why don't I listen?!?

    I have been taking DS to a nice co-op group. Totally non-religious (though most of them are like blessings this and blessed that, ya know...) and we do nature walks and show and tell, library stuff - everything for kinder age. Chugging along so well.

    Well I offered to set up a fire station visit a couple months ago. I set it up for Jan. I've done lots of these in the past with my old Mom group, etc. So today I get on and they've set it on the calendar and are charging people $2 per kid!!! WHAT? This is a free visit that the fire station puts on to educate the community. FREE, people.

    They tell me it's an administrative fee. Um? I set it up. And certainly it's not costing idk like $30++ per event to run a group on Google...

    I'm just fuming.

    I will not be paying $6 to take my kids to the fire station, and I'm very uncomfortable asking other people to pay.

    You are right. Co-ops suck. That is all.
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    That's so absurd. Did you call them on it? What did they say?
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    Any chance they are going to donate the money to the fire station?

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    So, you set it up and they want you to pay an administrative fee for you to take your kids to the event you set up? Who the heck is the fee going to, the person who spent 10 minutes adding it to the calendar?

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    I used to run events for the Girl Scouts. We found that people flaked on free events, so I could see a group who has had that experience starting to charge a nominal fee to try and get prevent this. BUT, yes, where does the money go, why are you paying for an event you organized etc...?

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    There is no way I'd be paying an administrative fee for something I set up. That should be the perk of setting it up. I'd also like to know where the money is going, if you set it up people might look to you for the answer.
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    What everyone else said. And so what if you are the only ones there? That means they get more one-on-one time with the fire fighters, which is awesome for the kids.

    One time we were dropping off something at the fire house and I had DS with me. He was 5 at the time. They were like, do you want a tour and we had a private tour of the trucks and everything.

    Yup, your co-op sucks.

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    I also agree with the gang. No way would I pay for something I had set up. And if $$ IS collected, it should be donated.

    I recall walking down the street in Chicago with another homeschool family several years ago. We had just been to a museum and were walking back to the train station. We passed an old style city fire house, and their door was open. They invited us in for a tour. In addition to all the normal firehouse stuff, they had great photos of old trucks and stations posted all over their walls. Also, the kids in the group had just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 in a book club, so some of the firemen talked about that as well! Sometimes small groups are better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TFZ View Post
    You guys area always right. Why don't I listen?!? ...

    Same reason none of the rest of us do: we are all independent-minded, questioning people who have to know WHY to the nth degree and even then doubt it til we've experienced it. We're skeptics . It's the price we pay for being that way, I guess. We don't take things on faith, nor do we idolize a particular source as infallible. Therefore, hearsay is just that. So don't feel bad. Drinks on me! (easy when the drinks are imaginary!)
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