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    Default Home Science Kits!!

    So glad I found this! Mine are a bit young but in a year or two, this will be awesome!!

    Chemistry (with REAL chemicals)
    Biology/Life Science
    Forensic Science

    Can't wait!!
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    They look great!

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    I was looking for chemistry kits today as well, but I need for elementary. Any ideas?
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    Thanks! Will be doing Chemistry next year and that looks pretty good.
    Stay at home physicist - Mom to C (17) and J (14)

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    For elementary science I would look at Real Science Odyssey at Pandia Press. I've used their Life and Earth Science when my kids were younger and it was the ONLY science curriculum I liked for that age group. The author doesn't dumb it down for the kids and the labs were always great and at least for the subjects we did, there was very little you had to buy to do the experiments. They have a try before you buy policy so you download the first couple lessons free and see if you like it.

    I'v been waiting anxiously for their level 2 curriculum but I'm afraid my kids are going to be college before they ever come out...sigh.
    Stay at home physicist - Mom to C (17) and J (14)

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    Thanks for posting. Neat!
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    I love that one is geared to honors students.
    Sarah B., Oklahoma

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    Thank you so much! I like how it can be used with the Ck-12 books. Excellent.

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