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    Default 2013-14 School Year Planning Thread

    What's your plan for next school year?

    I will have a third grader and a K'er next year. This is what I'm thinking:

    Third grader:
    MBTP 8-10 (probably just half of the year's curriculum)
    Math Mammoth 3
    Beast Academy 3
    Explode the Code 6-8
    SOTW 2
    Extras: starting a musical instrument, ice skating, track, art class, all-day wilderness class once a week, and some interest-led

    Kindy: (I consider him part Kindy, part 1st grader because he on the older side of K and can read well)
    Five in a Row
    Explode the Code 2-3
    Miquon or MEP or ?--not sure yet
    SOTW 2
    Lentil Science
    Extras: soccer, tae kwon do, music
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    This is what I'm thinking for 2nd Grade.

    Miquon & I Love Math Books (+ other living math books and activities)
    Writer's Jungle, The Wand and Jot it Down
    Handwriting Without Tears
    Elemental Science - Biology & Intellego Evolution Unit
    Classical House of Learning - Ancients
    Intellego units - maps, goods and services, & choices and resources

    We will take extra classes through our co-op. Also, I'd like to work in Spanish, but I am undecided on what to use.
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    Well I tried to piece my own stuff together this year and spent a lot of time on stuff that didn't work so for next year

    Grade 2 - OM2
    Singapore 2A/2B
    All about spelling
    McRuffy handwriting
    Music/ Keyboard lessons
    Co-op gym class
    drama class
    Extras: Spanish class if I can find one, Girl Guides and possible some kind of martial arts class

    For Pre-K: Music/keyboard class
    OM - preschool or just modifying OM2
    Extras: spanish, martial arts
    Eclectic mix for DD 8 and DS 5

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    6th grade:
    MBtP 10-12
    Holt middle school math (course 1) - with videos & workbook, Singapore word problems
    Spelling Plus OR Logic of English
    Fix-It Grammar


    Miquon & Singapore 1 (casually)
    All About Spelling OR Logic of English
    McGraw-Hill LA worksheets for grammar
    Evan-Moor Daily Science 1 as a spine with lots of picture books & activities available for each topic
    Reading aloud from various readers/easy chapter books

    Twice a week: Adventures in America w/o the state study

    MBtP units as desired - probably just a few from 5-7
    Literature using Teaching with Favorite ______ Books, Literature Pockets, etc.
    Prehistory unit study

    (I'm not really expecting that much for kindergarten - if we can do a little math, writing, reading, and the daily science then I will consider our bases covered.)

    DD 20

    DS 8th grade: BookShark 8 history, MBtP 12-14 literature, Essentials in Writing 8, Battle of the Books, Holt Course 3 math, 8th grade Math Minutes, HST Physical Science, Youth Digital Game Design, Home Ec!

    (outsourced art, robotics, and chess classes)

    DS 2nd grade: Calvert 3, MBtP 7-9 literature, Battle of the Books,Math in Focus 3/BA 3, Raddish cooking subscription

    (outsourced musical theater, sports, scouts, etc.)

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    Grade 5:

    Math Mammoth 6
    History Odyssey 2: Ancients
    Classiquest Biology
    Rosetta Stone Spanish
    sports, art, homeschool classes, etc
    Mama to one son (12)

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    I school year round so we will be continuing a lot of what we currently use, but I will be making a few changes. I "promote" my kids in September to the next grade based on what they would be in if they went to public school.

    DD is turning 6 and will be 1st grade:
    Math Mammoth (currently in 1A)
    Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Math (currently doing 1st grade)
    Handwriting without Tears (currently in K, should be in 1st by September)
    I'm dropping OPGTR and ETC at least temporarily in favor of All About Reading 1. We'll be going quickly through the beginning but she is having a lot of trouble with beginning blends so I wanted to try and different approach.
    We may start The Wand in September, or we may wait until January.

    DS is turning 8 and will be 3rd grade:
    Math Mammoth (currently doing pieces from 4A and 4B)
    Scholastic Algebra Readiness Made Easy - 4th grade
    Scholastic Solve the Riddle Math Problems - Multiplication and Division
    Beast Academy 3A (we do this very slowly as a supplement)
    Scholastic Logic Puzzles
    Handwriting without Tears (currently 2nd grade, should be starting cursive by September)
    The Wand (currently doing Level 2)
    Evan Moor Daily Reading Comprehension 4th grade
    Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Spell and Write 3rd Grade

    Together they do/will continue doing:
    REAL Science Odyssey, along with lots of other stuff
    US History using a lot of different things
    US Geography using a lot of different things
    Jot It Down
    Evan Moor Beginning Geography
    The Complete Book of Spanish (works well for ds, may need something different for dd)
    Evan Moor How to Teach Art to Children, along with a bunch of other books
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    Mosaic w/ Story of the World 1
    Trail Guide to World Geography (when I finally break down and buy it)
    REAL Science Odyssey Life
    Saxon Math 2 (hopefully finish 1 by the end of summer)

    Need to find a karate class and piano teacher. We had been avoiding group activities due to new baby and never replaced our old piano teacher when we moved.

    Five in a Row
    Reading Eggs (doing the free trial right now to see if she likes it)
    Cherry picking some things from Oak Meadow's 1st grade curriculum
    Singapore Math 2 (just started 1b since we finally reached the point she can no longer do sister's Saxon sheets without getting frustrated. Hopefully move on to 2 in the fall.)

    Looking for nearby dance studio.

    Hodge podge of the above and Pre-K activities from Pinterest

    Hopefully swimming lessons all around if they get the local pool done when they are supposed to! It will be so nice to have an indoor pool so close!
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    8th/9th grade
    Main resources:
    Math – Algebra I On Core, possibly Geometry too
    ELA: Lucy Calkin’s Reading and Writing Units, Middle School Writing Toolbox, rigorous grammar program to be determined, continuing with writing across the curriculum
    Science: Free Chemistry plans from ACS, Geology lab kit from QSL, my old college geology textbook
    US History: Crash Course, textbook to be determined, Map Skills - US
    Programming: Teen Coder C#

    High school grade level here is based on total number of credits, not which classes you're taking. Its common to have two to four grade levels in most classes. So, instead of sticking with just an "8th grade" plan, I'm going with a where-he-is approach. Hopefully, when he returns to a brick school, he'll get credit for math and programming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laina View Post

    Third grader:
    MBTP 8-10 (probably just half of the year's curriculum)
    Have you used MBTP before? 8-10 is considered 4th grade, just in case you didn't know that.

    I haven't quite sorted out next year yet. I am waiting for MBTP 12-14 to be released. We will use it for History and Literature.
    We will be continuing with RSO Biology.
    German, Spanish, Chinese, depending on the kid.
    Life of Fred Geometry for 13 yo, Not sure for the 11 year old and Life of Fred Algebra I for the 10 year old.
    Two of them want to do the Future City Competition again.
    All three will do the Mythology exam again.
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    Our plans are still evolving. So far this is what I'm thinking:

    8th grade
    Thinkwell Algebra 1
    French or German, he hasn't decided yet
    Probably MBtP 12-14 for LA and history. I can't wait to get a better look at it.
    I havn't decided about science yet. He wants to do Nebel's Middle School Science Education with a focus on Chemistry, Physics, and AStronomy
    Nature Study
    STEM projects with Raspberry pi, arduino, game maker, sketch-up and, hopefully, attending a maker faire.

    5th grade
    OM 5 for LA and history, maybe science
    JUMP Math 5
    AAS 5-6
    Nature Study
    She wants to focus on art projects, sewing, jewelry making and Nature Study.
    ​​~ DD-13 homeschooled
    ~ DS-17 formerly homeschooled, now attending private school

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2013-14 School Year Planning Thread