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    Default New International version of Singapore MPH vs RSO vs Intellego for science

    I am going around in circles trying to decide which science curriculum to choose for my 7 yo for next year. Currently we are using MBTP ages 7-9, but we are going to go a different direction for language arts and social studies next year, so now I need a science curriculum. The ones that have floated to the top of my list are REAL Science Odyssey, Intellego unit studies, and the Singapore My Pals are Here.

    The reviews I have seen on the MPH books are all for a previous edition, where 2 grades were grouped together (like 3/4 or 5/6) and then there was a separate book for each theme (like cycles). One of the biggest things I noticed in those reviews, were that the real meat of the program and the part that everyone really loved, was the HOTS book that offered projects and real world applications. The new version has 2 books for each grade level, A and B, and no HOTS book. There is just the teacher book, the textbook and the activity book. Has anyone seen the new books or found any reviews of them?

    I like the looks of RSO and the main drawback I am hearing is that it is really heavy on the experiments, but I figure I can just skip the ones that don't seem necessary.

    I hear great things about the Intellego units but am not sure that unit studies are for us, so I hesitate to make that our main curriculum. I think I may try one unit as a supplement to either RSO or MPH, if I can just decide between them.

    Can anyone offer pros and cons for RSO vs the new version of MPH?

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    I don't think you'll find anyone who has experience with the new Singapore MPH - didn't they just start selling it?

    I can only speak from reputation, but of those three, I'd go with RSO. It wasn't for us (we wanted more experiments and don't care about the notebooking style worksheets) but it's the best tested of those three.
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    I also looked at MPH and RSO and ended up with RSO because I got a package deal on Rainbow Resource (RSO and Story of the World). RSO is based on the classical method of homeschooling so it goes biology year 1, earth science year 2 and chemistry year 3 (RSO does not have a physics program for year 4). I believe MPH you learn a little bit of everything like at school. I prefer the classical method so I'm happy with RSO.
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New International version of Singapore MPH vs RSO vs Intellego for science