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    Default Feedback on Pearson Homeschool Interactive Science Bundles? Order from outside US?

    I'm looking for an affordable science curriculum that has a textbook-workbook feel (what my daughter likes). Online, I came across Pearson Homeschool and their Interactive Science bundles seem interesting.

    Has anyone used these?

    Unfortunately, their website doesn't seem very user-friendly and has no information on how to order from outside the US.

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    I noticed sells these bundles! I don't know about their shipping outside of the country but it's worth looking into!

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    Thank you Timberdoodle does ship to the Philippines but the shipping cost for the bundle is quite expensive. Will continue to look at other options.

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    You are welcome! I hope you find a good alternative. I was hoping the Interactive Science was going to work as I am curious about the program and wanted a review.

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    Pearson supplies the curriculum for Connections Academy, which is a cyber charter school in the US. As far as the curriculum itself, it is pretty typical textbook and workbook oriented stuff. If you are looking for middle school and up you could try or Khan Academy (both are free and really high quality). If you are looking for something inexpensive for elementary age you might look at the offerings on CurrClick - Curriculum and Classes in a Click!
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    If you are looking for something really new, where your children really learn through inquiry and a learning by doing methodology, I recommend this resource I have just found online: Science Bits
    My 7th grader is delighted with it!


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    Has anyone used gotten this since this was posted? I just came across this when looking at new science options. I like the price on Timberdoodle. It looks like about as much as I'd pay for just the textbook of the series we are currently using.
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    Since Timberdoodle is Christian, I'd be very hesitant to buy science from them personally.

    Pearson I just personally loathe because of their huge power in Common Core. But that's a totally separate issue from their products, which I know not much about beyond the testing aspects and the corporate nature of what they do.
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    The more I think on it the more it seems like the best option is to stick with the textbooks and just try to invest in more science kits and supplies at the beginning of the year. Also I thought I had remembered something negative about Timberdoodle, I was a bit put off by their review of it too.
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    I order from timber doodle often. They do sell secular items. Just research whatever you want to buy before you purchase from them. I like the fact that you can earn points.
    Sorry, no experience with Pearson.

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Feedback on Pearson Homeschool Interactive Science Bundles? Order from outside US?