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    Default Health Curriculum

    Does any of you teach a health section to your kids? My son was the one who asked if I'd be doing it. I hadn't given it a thought and apparently Calvert doesn't include it. I assume that's because some topics may be hard to "sell" to some families. Or they figure it's something for families to decide. Anyway, I'm not sure where to go with it. I could probably try to design something myself for a weekly health section after researching other school curruicula but that is super time-consuming and I am not sure I'd do it right.

    Any suggestions?
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    My kids are younger than yours, so you would need to adapt this for your kids...but for last year I found some fun library books on topics like bones, blood, skin, teeth, nutrition, safety, etc and read those.

    For this year I bought a copy of the Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia and we will spend time in that, and also the Magic School Bus books that involve going inside the body.

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    Public schools regularly have "dental health month", "fire safety week", and that sort of thing; you might consider checking out the Scholastic site which offers calendars and ideas for each of these special units. They have lists of books to read and worksheets to complete, and can be useful for piecing together your own studies. Magic School Bus books are always a hit in our house, and can be a great leaping off point for further studies. Have fun!
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    Given that each family brings its own needs, values and experiences to the table, I would not want to use a boxed curriculum. A vegetarian family may have different views on nutrition than what would be presented in a textbook, for example. Or a family with a history of heritable disease may need to focus on that for a longer time. You could do major topics over a whole year, or unit studies.

    The following topics should cover it:

    Physical health-Nutrition and Exercise, diseases and preventions, genetic disposition, environmental affects
    Sexual/reproductive health
    Mental/social health including substance use and abuse, relationships, etc.
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    I am not officially homeschooling until this year.. however, I teach health anyway on my own. Just snippets here and there when something pop ups...Like fire safety if a candle is lit, or a smoke alarm battery being changed.. Or if a show like Gordon Ramsey has kitchen fire we talk about kitchen safety..

    As for nutrition..I do not subscribe to standard american diet nutrition guidelines..So we do our own things..

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    This past year, I used a religious school-in-a-box curriculum that included a health textbook and tests. I'm not using that curriculum next year, so I'm not sure what I'll do for health just yet. Of course, my full time out of the house job is in health care, and my education included courses in public health and patient education, so I should be able to come up with something.

    New Hampshire requires teaching in health, though the law is vague on the specific content within that general area.

    From the New Hampshire statutes:
    193-A:4 Home Education; Defined. –
    I. Instruction shall be deemed home education if it consists of instruction in science, mathematics, language, government, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, the history of the constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States, and an exposure to and appreciation of art and music.
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    Here are some good sites for free lessons and activities:

    Hooray for Health
    PBS Teachers: Health and Fitness
    Online Health Games for Kids

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    We cover all the Health topics, but I don't do it as a separate course (even for high school). We start with stuff like basic hygiene and dental health. By the time they're done with grade school we've covered:
    what the body needs to be healthy - nutrition, exercise
    germs/disease & how to fight/avoid them - hygiene, immune system
    first aid skills
    stress & anger management
    beginning mental health - they both have ADHD & my daughter has Bipolar, so we cover those - what they are, what they mean, how to deal with them, etc
    risks of medications both prescription & OTC
    sex ed - starting when they're little, with how boys & girls are different & adding new info each year or so after, making sure we cover puberty & the changes it brings before they hit puberty

    In the middle school years we cover:
    sex ed - during these years we discuss intercourse, why they should wait, STDs, difference between concensual & unconcensual, proper safety when they do decide to do it
    the importance of proper hygiene, nutrition, & exercise during these years
    continue with learning about mental health, stress management, anger management
    continue with first aid skills

    None of this is covered in a Health class, though. It's either integrated into Science or just part of daily life.

    Substance abuse will be covered most thoroughly in our high school Science classes. I require them to take a Child Development class, so they'll get a lot of the Health topics in there. I also require a Psychology course, which takes care of mental health. I will also have them take the First Aid & CPR classes offered by the Red Cross.

    I just don't see the point in doing it as a separate class when it can so easily be covered in the classes we already intend to cover.

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    I like your outline Brandi, thanks for sharing. We kinda are already doing it too, and DS is only 4. We talk about the importance of sleep, hygiene, proper nutrition, exercise, and have gone over the basics of reproduction etc.

    BTW, I am also Brandi
    Alabama Gulf Coaster,
    Learning and loving life with DS 6 and hubby of 21 years

    DS is in public school, but we enrich and expand at home

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    Kris, your kids are probably a little young for these titles, but you might want to take a look and see what you think. I have both, but haven't given the girls' one to DD (nine in less than two weeks!) yet:

    The Boys' Body Book
    The Care and Keeping of You (for girls)

    Great thread--thanks for posting it in the first place!
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