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    Default Alpha Omega Lifepacs

    I like the idea because of the way it is divided up. The price is ok (could be a little lower).

    I don't like that God is in there. (I'm on the fence about there being a God so I don't really want to teach it if I am not 100% sure)

    Anyway, is there anything out there that is divided up like that?

    If I do use the lifepacs, is it possible to remove the religious part and still have it work?
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    Really? Nobody here has tried the Alpha Omega Lifepacs/Horizons? I just want to know if there is any other packaged curriculum like that out there and if I do go with AOP, is it really that religious that I can't overlook it?
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    i'm pretty sure every time alpha omega has come up, ppl have just said its basically too religious to be of interest to anyone. i've never looked at any xtian curriculum (except i guess LOF). what is it about the lifepacs that you like? a lot of us dont use packaged curriculum too . . . and for first grade i went very unstructured anyways.
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    Yeah, I'd ask on another board. People here mostly avoid the religious curricula unless it's something unique or with an amazing reputation. So most of us dont even look and consider. I've never heard of a secular homeschooler using Alpha Omega.
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    Ok. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
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    I am a secular homeschooler and have used Horizons math for K but there is no mention of God as far as I have seen. I know the first grade has a couple small mentions (God created the world in 7 days...) but it is literally just a few pages. I won't use any of the rest, though, and I am not even sure I will be continuing with the 1st grade math curriculum

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    I am for the most part secular, and I am using AOP Horizons Math for both boys and after trying so many different programs for DS1, I love this one !!! The only religious content I have encountered so far was a puzzle where blocks got colored in, and it ended up being "a lower case T mom !" LOL !

    But I'm sorry, I don't have any experience with Lifepacs. I would recommend asking on WTM - there are some folks there who use all of the religious materials, and who are very courteous about answering questions from secular parents about how much religious content there is and if it can be easily passed over or not. Another good way to check it out is to look at the descriptions of the individual units at If their description emphasizes the "biblical" flavor of the unit, I know it's probably got way more religion than I am comfortable with having in the middle of our school stuff.
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    Isn't Starline Press like LifePacs but secular?

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    I've used Lifepac and yes, you can remove the religious parts and still have it work (at least I could for the science that I used for my daughter a few years ago). That being said, I think it is a very dry way of learning and we have only used them as supplements since I already had them. I don't know of any secular alternatives.

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    I decided to use Horizon's. It should arrive this week.
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