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    Default 3rd grade social studies/history/geography

    What do people use?
    I like the idea of "social studies" at this age.
    I was thinking of Story of the World or the Joy Hakim series for my 11 year old after we do some geography.
    Do people have any basic geography recommendations?


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    We're doing modern history next year. We've used SOTW in the past, but we stopped because I wasn't happy with it. I'm exploring some other options, but I'm not sure what we'll do - possibly just the Usborne Encyclopedia as a spine. If we do SOTW3, we'll have to cut out all the US history as we've just done a year of it on our own.

    Doing a full history and a full geography program seems like a lot to me, but I know people who do Daily Geography Practice from Evan-Moor.
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    We started The Complete Book of Maps and Geography last year and will finish it this year. It's great for map skills and as an introduction to the 50 States. This year, I'll be adding The Complete Book of Presidents and States to round out the Social Studies requirement. IMO, Social Studies is a catch all and History is more in depth. Because I want to teach History chronologically, I separate the two subjects. However, another great resource I've found is Studies Weekly. It's very inexpensive and provides lots of opportunity for supplementation and discovering interests.
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    We spent 3rd doing the study of our State History. It was a great year. Er, or South Carolina has a very interesting history!

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    I'm not really sure what social studies is in the homeschool world. I tend to think of it as a very light, random overview of history (it's Thanksgiving so this week we'll study the myth of the Pilgrims, and next week we'll cover cowboys and Indians!) and community stuff (fire drills and meet the fireman day) a la public school, with maybe some memorizing of state capitals or ancient presidents thrown in for good measure.

    In our home, we want a more sequential, logical process, so history gets studied as its own subject, with politics, government and so forth as we go along. Geography isn't something we've studied formally (I think we did a bit in 1st grade because DS loved it so much), but it gets covered plenty in our day to day interests. I second the recommendation for The Complete Book of Geography. We use it for fun, but it's full of good stuff.

    Geography is incorporated seamlessly in a full history curriculum as well. Add some mapping as you go along, or follow your studies with a good atlas and globe.
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    what about that 'little passports' - is that too young for 3rd? i always wanted to try that
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    There's also those Which Way USA and that other one about the whole world.
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    We got Scrambled States of America book and game and my son is having a blast with it. Learning a lot too. We will be doing this next year in more depth so I am definitely taking notes on the recommendations!
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    We also like The Complete Book of Maps and Geography. If you'd rather not use a workbook or want more world coverage A Child's Introduction to the World might be a better fit. It includes some hands-on activities and plenty of opportunities for rabbit trails.

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    I also have a 3rd grader (and 6th grader). I decided to look at some texts to see which topics are taught at each grade. I used Heritage Studies to give me an idea. I really don't like that Geography is treated as a separate subject, whether it's in traditional school texts or homeschool texts. I have spent the past several months reading lots of juvenile non-fiction/fiction to 'expand' on the Heritage Studies curriculum. If you'd like to get the first Geography lesson I plan to teach, you can email me and as soon as I make final adjustments, I will send it to you. I am going to be as hands-on/project-oriented as possible, while still using some national Geography/History/Social Studies standards. It is definitely going to be a demanding project but the fact that I can teach them what I want them to learn (instead of repeating everything the school teaches year after year) makes it awesome!

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3rd grade social studies/history/geography