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    Well, i admit my son did lose patience w the life science, but since i hate life science, i didnt worry about it. We dont do enough science, which doesnt make sense, since we both love it . .. it just falls by the wayside. I'm doing joint history and that is sucking a lot of time and energy, i focus a lot on math because Raven loves it and I think its important, and a lot of LA because Raven is really behind on it and needs to keep working on it . . and after that . . . we're often too wiped out for science. He throws a fit when I say its time for science (which only even happens on days we dont have to leave the house for something) . . . i'm not sure whats up with that. but no, really, i havent liked any of the science curriculums we've tried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Learn Things View Post
    They will likely love George's Secret Key to the Universe and George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. George and the Big Bang will be available in August. The books are great because they have both a fiction story and nonfiction explanations of a lot of Astronomy and Physics concepts interspersed throughout the story.
    Thank you for mentioning these! I had not heard of them and just ordered them.

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