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    Quote Originally Posted by WindSong View Post
    Last year when I was looking into Singapore Math for my ds, I had the same question. I remember that the US edition wasn't as strong in probability as the standards edition and there was a different order in which the topics were presented. The SM website explains the differences here. I ended up choosing the standards edition.
    Thanks. I hadn't seen that. There are several topics that are covered in the K-6th SE that aren't in the US Ed. Are they maybe covered later...or not at all?
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    This is a few days old, so maybe you've already gotten your answer. The Standards Edition does cover some topics that are not ever covered in the US edition... negative numbers, for example. Now, many people find that they can simply fill in additional learning on those topics, I don't think there are very many.
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    Its funny, i was wondering why the upper level singapore books were covering negative numbers on a number line . . .and the most basic graphing. Mixed in with dividing fractions, as if its all at the same level. I only used singapore primary for 2 books.
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