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    DD needs some work on her handwriting. I'm leaning toward Handwriting Without Tears (although I am open to suggestion), but I am not sure if I should go with K or 1st grade books. She turns 5 in a month, but is reading independently at late 2nd or early 3rd grade level. (The assesments I have done say 3rd gr. 4th month and 3rd gr. 8th month, but that seems crazy!) We are working though ETC book 2, and AAS level 1, neither of which seem particularly challenging to her, but I feel like they are reinforcing good things. So, age-wise she will be K, but I think she is more like a first grader academically. Of course handwriting has much to do with fine motor skills. I haven't seen the book sin person, but she doeasn't need to learn her letters, she just needs to learn to write them more neatly (and properly). Any thoughts on what level I should order for her? Thanks much!
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    We use HWT and the workbooks aren't all that difficult, regardless of grade (also, I feel like the teacher books are a waste of money and paper - maybe purchase one of them for teaching ideas, but not for every grade level). If you want her to get plenty of handwriting reinforcement, the workbooks are inexpensive, and you could just start at K and work your way up as she completes them.

    The K workbook teaches how to form letters properly - the correct directions to follow with the pencil and the order in which to draw each line of the letter. So if you want that very basic introduction to how to form the letters, the K workbook gives you that. If you think she'll whiz right through it, get the First Grade book as well, so she can move on immediately.
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    K, I would think. Where she is with reading has nothing to do with handwriting. The only caveat is that the k book has kids making their letters pretty big and some kids benefit from making them smaller.
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HWT placement?