I'm looking for an app for my iPad that I can use to organize all the books, teacher's guides, and other curriculum related miscellany. Ideally I'd love to also create a wishlist within the app so that when I'm on the hunt for used books I don't buy what I already have or miss buying something I think I have, but don't. I have a WiFi device so I need all of this to be available offline (with the option of accessing it online I suppose).

When I first started it was very easy for me to keep track of what I had and what I wanted to pick up, but at this point I'm becoming overwhelmed and have ended up at Half Price Books on more than one occasion with only a foggy idea of what I thought I might find there. Do I have "Five Children and It?" Or was that "The Enchanted Castle?" Which of the Little House on the Prairie books do I have again?

Standing at the library book sale (conveniently without my iPad) and trying to remember which Little House book I snagged through Paperback Swap brought it all home to me that this is kind of important.

Oh, and I need it to scan in books by barcode using the camera already on my iPad. I tried "Home Library," but I find the barcode scanning to be spotty at best and as far as I've been able to figure it won't look up books and add them to my library based on ISBN.

Cheap? Possibly. At least the cheaper it is the more likely I can get it within a few weeks rather than sometime next year.