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    Default Does anyone have experience with

    Hello everyone,
    just found this site through Google and am so excited! I desperately need some secular input in my homeschooling adventure!
    Anyway, I'm looking at getting for my dd starting 5th grade. It looks fairly interesting, asks questions to increase her comprehension and "personal thinking skills" but isn't too overwhelming and can be customized.
    But I haven't found many reviews of it online, probably because it's a secular and fairly new thing. Does anyone here have any experience wiht it?

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    Default has a $5.00 yearly membership offer on the table. Anyone using it?

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    I looked at the website. If it is any good, they need to do something about their website content. It looks dry. I'm toying with the idea of spending the five bucks to check it out......
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    i found sample pages on the website - looked like school workbooks, not anything that appealed to me. and i think you'd have to print them - the samples i looked at were all workbooks. i also wondered one of them said something about a teachers manual, you want to make sure that it includes the teacher manuals too, not just the workbooks. of course, for $5 its not much of a risk.
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    Okay, I blew the five bucks. It IS all workbooks, and the teacher's manuals are included. It seems pretty interesting, though, if you wanted to have a workbook-type approach to things. You can't get much easier than having it all laid out for you. Worth five bucks, but I wouldn't pay the full price for it.

    The neat thing is that you don't have to use their workbooks the way they have them laid out, you can customize them. That looks time-consuming, but you could add in your own links, pdf files, pictures, and video. I imagine if someone took the time to customize one of these workbooks it could potentially be pretty interesting. I might play around with the content a little more, but I'm not interested enough to go for the customization......
    Mom of six
    Three kids all grown up, one in public high school and two homeschoolers at home.

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    Okay, I was curious so I looked at the samples. Boring workbooks.

    I think if one wanted access to a lot of workbook pages, you'd be better off getting a subscription to Teacher File Box.
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    I spent the $5 out of curiosity ... I don't know that I think it's overly 'workbooky' or boring. But I don't think you can get that from the samples alone - I got it from actually ordering. For example, in the 7th grade curriculum there are a wide variety of activities - some writing, some oral presentation, some projects. It's laid out as a textbook so that the lessons are all written pages, but the actual content is not merely fill-in-the-blank, which to me would be workbooks. The science program has labs, the reading selections for LA and SS look pretty good (disclaimer: I have not read every single lesson for every grade - only closely looked at 5th & 7th). Content-wise it's aligned to standards so no surprises there - a wide variety of various topics and skills, as offered in many programs. As as a PP pointed out, you could add lots of content (if you were so inclined) - I don't see myself doing that the first time around, but if you used it with an older child you could add in all the supplementary materials, videos, etc., as you go along and then have it ready for other children.

    I don't know - I think it looks like a viable option, and it's completely laid out. I've used Teacher File Box & I'd agree that it is good for supplementing, but Complete Curriculum is far from supplementary - it would be a spine. And one that's completely laid out, to boot. And for $5? I'd say go for it and then post on your experiences!! =) I'm currently struggling with what to use with my oldest and am kind of tempted to try it out myself. At the very least, I'm super glad to have had this pointed out to me - I'd never heard of it. Thank you!

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    Perfect timing. I am in the market for something new and decided to check it out for $5. I am liking the layout of the lessons and what it provides. For $5 it's done the basics of planning my year for me and that's what I need the most help with. Now I can go through and plan each day, pulling what I like from their e-books, or putting in what I would prefer to use. I'll give it a chance. If I find that it works well for us, even at the normal price it's cheaper than the curriculum we've been using for an entire year!
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    After reading this thread I decided to have a look, too. I focused on 7th grade. It definitely looks interesting. I love that the math lessons incorporate writing. I also like the literature selections for LA. For those of you who have inversted $5, how does the science look? Is there a list of supplies/materials and are they common houselhold items? Does it look hands-on? This is definitely at the top of my list for next year. You can't beat the price!
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    The first couple of 7th grade science lessons start with a day or two of intro and learning, followed by activity (the first was comparing an apple slice to the earth's atmospheres, and the second was making a topographic map of your knuckles). It looks like a pretty good mix of hands on and reading/writing activities.
    liberal-hippie mom to Nikko (8), Sakura (4), and Verran (2)

    "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
    ― Albert Einstein

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