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    Okay, I am considering using this resource "next year" for my 9yo 4th grader. He doesn't do well with textbooks or workbooks (thinks most on his level are babyish because of the graphics or themes.) He did well with Tiime4Learning last year but it's just too expensive and not thorough enough (imo.) Teaching Textbooks looks like it would be perfect for him but that is a big chunk out of our schooling budget. I want to make sure it will be a good investment...deciding a $20 workbook is not our style is easier to live with than forking over $120 and finding out it didn't work for us. Anyone use this? Any thoughts? Anyone out there lol!
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    I'm interested in this, too, so I'm listening in!

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    I'm thinking about it too. I would love to know what people thought. I have a feeling that DS would tire of it quicky, but he swears he would love it.

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    My daughter has been using Time4Learning the past year and I especially love it because of the wonderful animated visuals for math. She thinks it's fun and has learned tons with it. However next year I'm looking to use another core curriculum and on the fence between continuing to subscribe to T4L just for math, or switch to Teaching Textbooks. I wish I could find someone that has used both??? My daughter is in 6th grade level T4L math currently.

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    We used TT for all 3 girls. We used Pre-Algebra, 6th grade and 4th grade. We abandoned it very early on. My 2 oldest ones felt it was way too silly. They wanted story problems to be more real world. My youngest loved it, but I realized she was enjoying the silly graphics on the computer component and not retaining anything. I know a lot of people who either work in math or whose DHs do, and they think it is great. Of course, I also know people in the same boat who think it is too easy and doesn't cover enough, especially in the upper grades. We have been through multiple math programs, and, in the end, we settled on Saxon. I don't like Saxon in the lower grades, but from 54 up, it gets the job done and is economical.

    On the flip side, their customer service is very good. And I do know a lot of people who like it. But TT seems to be a program that inspires very strong feelings, either pro or con. No middle ground on opinions.

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    We've stuck with Time4Learning for the math, because IMO it is amazingly thorough. (My youngest son's standardized math scores have gone up 15 points since we started using T4L three years ago - - not that I personally care about scores, but it shows me he is really learning!) Here is a link to a whole BUNCH of reviews of Teaching Textbooks...

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    We've been using it since the first of the year and are only about 10 lessons into it, that being said we've been really pleased with it so far. We're using TT4 and ds (who isn't a huge math kid) is still interested in it. I like the fact that it uses the combination of computer time and working it out on paper along with the audible learning by listening to the lectures and reading the highlights in the book. To me it is a very well rounded program. I agree that everyone I've spoken to either REALLY likes it or REALLY doesn't. I'm not sure why but there seems to be little middle ground.

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    We LOVE TT!!! My oldest absolutely hates anything school. He did his TT math without complaint! Now it didn't make him put in any extra effort, but just getting the work done made me happy. I also liked that it took ME out of the equation.. we don't get along well and well.. me trying to teach him was like a daily migraine.

    I WILL use TT for my other kids (oldest is back in PS, and I believe will stay there) when they get up to that level.. and will use TT from the time we get past what McRuffy Press offers us until they graduate.
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    We used TT 4th grade this past year and LOVED it. For the first time, math was a non-painful event in our house...and I didn't have to deal with it! Woohoo! We will be moving on to 5th grade for my son, 4th grade for Caroline and 3rd grade for Libby.

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    Any other, more recent thoughts about Teaching Textbooks vs. Time4Learning?

    I emailed Time4Learning to see if they by any chance had or were planning to offer just one subject at a time at a discounted rate ($20 a month for the first student and $15 a month for each additional student seems steep to me for just math, and we're happy with everything else we're using), but got a very terse note back saying that they could "turn off" the other subjects but are not planning to offer single subject subscriptions.
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