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    Default Help choosing LA curriculum for grade 3

    Okay, I'm planning my curriculum for the next school year. I know it's a tad early, but that's how I roll.

    Right now, my 7-year-old son is doing Logic of English Foundations for reading and IEW Primary Arts of Language for writing. These are working well for both of us, and we'll be finished both by the end of this school year.

    I'm pretty sure I want to move on to IEW Student Writing Intensive Level A for writing next year, but I'm not sure what to do with reading.

    I like the sound of Mosdos for reading comprehension, which would benefit my son, but I think he needs a formal spelling program. And, I like the idea of moving up from LoE Foundations to LoE Essentials, so he gets some continuity with spelling, but I'm not sure LoE Essentials by itself is enough for reading comprehension.

    So, I guess my question is this: Is it too much to use IEW for writing, Mosdos for reading comprehension, AND LoE Essentials for spelling?

    Oh, and by the way, he really wants to learn cursive, so we're going to use LoE Rhythm of Handwriting, too.


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    If you do that, you will likely want to be choosy about what Mosdos exercises you do - there is so much ! We ended up doing a lot of discussion of the reading selections, and not all of the worksheets. You might be able to use the Mosdos material as some of the sources for IEW writings, too, that might be a good combo.

    I really liked Mosdos!

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    I do not have any experience with LOE or IEW, but I am using Mosdos Opal with my kids (9yo, 8yo, 5yo) and we are all loving it. The stories are easy enough for my kindergartner to understand and talk about and my 8yo (3rd grader) does the workbook pages and they are not hard or time consuming at all. We do skip some writing assignments or just talk about them to avoid busy-work. She also does MCT Year One for LA.

    Honestly, Mosdos feels more like a selection of good short read-alouds (that also open the door for exploring history/geography/cultures because the stories are chosen to revolve around social studies) than a curriculum.
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    I think that sounds like a slightly intensive plan, but a really good one. I agree that you should give yourselves permission to take Mosdos at your own pace or skip some things. I think reading curricula aren't really necessary for most kids - just reading books and occasionally talking about them is a fine plan. But Mosdos is a good program and you can get a lot out of it.
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    Thanks, everyone. I'm going to keep mulling it over for a bit, but I think I might go for it. We do year-round school, don't stress about finishing things on a specific schedule, and are comfortable skipping activities as needed. I think I might be able to make this plan work.

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    For cursive, I would recommend New American Cursive. You can get it through Memoria Press. Just be sure to purchase the secular version! There are 3 levels. Both dd and ds have really good cursive and enjoyed learning it via these books. I did buy the software many years ago and used to print out quotes...then I just didn't have the time anymore.
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Help choosing LA curriculum for grade 3