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    Quote Originally Posted by HawaiiGeek View Post
    . . . I have read all the brave writer stuff and agree wholeheartedly with it, but somehow can't translate it to her.
    ^ Same here with my son / me.

    BW worked well for us in the younger years.

    FWIW We still take a Brave Writer approach in our HS (encouraging, supportive, minimal editing of ideas) without using Brave Writer for writing (we needed a structured writing program).

    ETA: Honestly, sometimes, I can't translate BW for myself. I'm all about the research paper and BW is heavy on the creative. I enjoy other people's creative, but I'm not skilled at it.
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    Okay, so you need a writing program... she did WWE already. She didn't like WWS or IEW.

    Well... there's also...
    Essentials in Writing
    Twisting Arms
    Brave Writer's Faltering Ownership
    Lost Tools of Writing
    Writing and Rhetoric

    And others... BYL, as pointed out, would cover both lit and writing, as would MBtP.

    And there's also the correct issue. Sounds like she has the formal grammar down, but not the implementation. So maybe something like Daily Paragraph Editing or Editor in Chief would be good for her mechanics and usage.

    And if she needs spelling, it's okay to do spelling. It's not "too late" if you're thinking that. Spelling Power, Spelling Plus, and How to Teach Spelling are all single volume programs that could work with an older student. Or Logic of English's program that's meant for older students.
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    I usually put my own lessons together, as I find most curriculums lacking, but Critical Thinking has some great workbooks. Some Farrar mentions above. Editor in Chief is excellent, as well as Building Writing Skills.

    The Editor in Chief can help with editing, where as the Building Writing Skills can help with organization of thoughts and putting an essay together. I think with the two of these combined you can tackle most of the issues you are seeing.

    ETA - They also have two other workbooks Language Smarts, which seems to be a larger collection of some of the skills from other workbooks and Writing Detective, which gives specific writing assignments. If you use the two other workbooks, Language Smarts might be overkill, but the Writing Detective looks like it could be interesting. These too I added, I do not have, but I thought they might be helpful.
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