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    Default 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices?

    Is there already a 2017-2018 curriculum choices/plan thread? I can't find one. If so, please lmk. If not, this is what we're doing and I'd love to see everyone else's plans.

    Age: 7
    Grade: 2
    Start Date: August
    Phonics: ETC 6, 5, 7, finish Happy Phonics, higher level easy readers and working up to easy chapter books
    Writing composition: informal journal, BYL narrations (she can dictate a lot of this to me and I can write for her)
    Handwriting: finish ZB 2M, then ZB 3
    Literature: BYL 2, finish Little House series, 2nd Harry Potter book
    Math: finish RS B, Beast Academy 2A when it comes out
    History, Geography, Science, Art: BYL 2, maybe use other science resources we have that go along w/ BYL's plans
    Extracurriculars: swim lessons, weekly forest school, homeschool ski program, Girl Scouts, track?, guitar?, Primarily Logic workbook

    What changed from last year: I tried to add too much to BYL and then life got really crazy for our family and we just struggled to get the 3 R's done. This year I'd like to stick to BYL to keep it as simple as I can. Clearly I'm still struggling with this concept, but I'm trying to have more faith in the less is more approach.

    What are you using?
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    Working my way through my third year of homeschooling DD. We’re finding our groove, but constantly struggle w/ age appropriate day care for when I’m working.

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    I'd put mine up if I had them! Ha.

    So far, all I know is...

    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Start: September

    Algebra for BalletBoy: Algebra: Structure and Method (aka Dolciani)
    Algebra for Mushroom: Jacob's Elementary Algebra

    Language Arts: Brave Writerish things, Figuratively Speaking, a bit of Evan-Moor Paragraph Editing

    Extracurriculars: Ballet for BalletBoy (he starts the "senior" division! five days a week!), Theater and Makerspace for Mushroom, Destination Imagination for both, co-op for both

    Everything else... waiting to hear! BalletBoy said he'd like to do chemistry and I was thinking of enrolling him in Groovy Kids's Disappearing Spoon course, but it's on our co-op day! Drat. So maybe I'll have him do Carbon Chemistry. I'm not sure. We already did Middle School Chemistry two years ago. I'd also like him to do some dance anatomy, probably with the Anatomy Coloring Book, but I'm not sure what else. And I've been pondering doing a social justice history unit for him. Or maybe using the Prufrock Press decades books. Not sure.

    For Mushroom? That kid is harder. Totally not sure.
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    The stats
    Age: 11 (soon to be 12) and 9
    Grade: 6-7ish, 4-5ish
    Start: July

    The Plan
    I don't really have a solid plan yet. I'm still tinkering and refining goals for the kids.

    For DS Jousting Armadillos for DD Mammoth Math. For both The Arrow, Brave Writer lifestyle stuff, Faltering Ownership, and Latin. I'll probably end up doing more IEW writing projects with DS, too much Brave Writer does not agree with him . Planning for more narration this year. I know I want DS to finish a quality research paper.

    The kid's goals
    DS wants to work on his baking skills and has a interest in zoology. DD wants to learn about anatomy and physiology and work on her cursive.

    The extras
    Both kids take Parkour classes and do swim team in the summer. DS enjoys fishing and camping activities. DD takes tumbling and is in Girl Scouts. We hike, snowshoe and camp as a family. This will be the first year we have not been involved in team sports and it is so exciting, oh the freedom!
    DS 12, DD 10
    Year 6

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    Age: 4.5yo (early January b-day)
    Grade: Pre-K
    Start Date: July

    Phonics: My own cobbled lessons loosely based on Spalding (same as I did with my older kids when they were little)

    Writing composition: Bravewriter based projects similar to Jot It Down but my own creations. I've used Bravewriter since it first came out when my older kids were little. Love this approach to writing and language arts! My older kids went to public high school and English was one of their strongest subjects!

    Handwriting: My own lessons to go along with what we are learning in phonics and/or reading in literature

    Literature: Five In A Row selections and some of my own selections done FIAR style

    Math: Math On The Level (again same as my older kids)

    History, Geography, Science, Art: Five In A Row (see literature above; such sweet memories of these lessons with my older kids! Can't wait to go through them one more time!)

    Extracurriculars: Not really an extracurricular but he will still see his speech therapist once a week through the schools, we didn't have any trouble with her at all and she has been seeing him since he was two. We are going to get him in 4-H when he turns 5. He will probably play soccer again or maybe t-ball.

    What changed from last year: Coming home after a really bad year in Early Headstart last year. He did fine and loved it but his teacher was... not a good match for him in our opinion and the program as a whole just wasn't as good as it was when my second youngest was in it. So dh has agreed to a trial run of homeschooling this year.

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    Age - 9
    Grade - 4th-ish

    I am still trying to figure out what to do next year. We have been pretty slack-schooling, so this summer I am doing some activities to evaluate where DS is in reading, writing and math. I am thinking for doing some more formal work now that he is older. Over all I use the Global Village School program for our readings lists.

    Math - Beast Academy, as well as math games & experiments. He has liked the trial of BA, so I think I will get some more books for the year. Murderous Maths for supplement.

    Language arts - I put together my own program. We will work on handwriting, spelling, literature, journal writing, creative writing and maybe report writing.

    Art - Art Lab, Great Artists (a mix of art techniques/styles & art history) DS has showed an interest in art, so we will be spending more time on developing skills.

    Science - We will work on a variety of sciences, as usual. I mix up chemistry, physics, and the geology & planetary sciences. I have been using RSO as a foundation, but I am adding other texts. We will also add engineering projects to this, as well as computer science. I have a huge variety of resources for science, so we will just be going with what is interesting. I have wanted to figure out if I want to incorporate biology because of DS' aversion to the gross factor. We might be skipping it again until it is necessary. We have covered evolution and some other concepts.

    Geography, history, social justice - We will use documentaries, historical fiction readings & tv shows, field trips, as well as art and other activities to cover history and geography. Many resources from GVS, as they have an extensive support for social justice curriculum. Our art history projects will overlap with social studies, as well a any nature studies we do. We will continue with the NPS Junior Ranger programs to earn badges, these will overlap with nature/science too. Quite a few badges can be earned remotely.

    Critical thinking - While this is generally grouped with math, I am really excited about the books of puzzles from Critical Thinking Co. We have been working on them as a family and DS has been enjoying them. We also do other math related puzzles, like tessellations, code breaking, and tangrams.

    Physical activity - DS is not much into playing on a team or taking a class, so I think I will sign-up for pool access after the summer is over. He likes to go the park and free play with kids, but that is inconsistent and once the weather turn really cold, the indoor pool is the one place we can consistently exercise, as long as the roads don't ice over like they did last year. I am hoping he is willing to also sign-up with the Boys & Girls club this year, to get out with kids more.

    Eclectic - Brain Pop, Infographics for Kids workbooks, and projects. These will overlap with the above topics.
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    I'll play.
    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Starting: Early Sept.

    Math: Jacobs' Elementary Algebra. Last year we completed Jousting Armadillos, which was great, but I thought not adequate practice, so she also did Fisher's No Nonsense Algebra, Math Minutes 7th/8th and Khan Academy. Looking forward to Jacobs, because, for once, there is enough material to master. And she'll be graded/tested, as we're counting this as high school credit.

    LA: Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings, she's been bugging for it for years, though I worry she'll buzz through it, so we'll probably do similar lit analysis of one or two of her history reads. We also are loosely going through Warriner's English Composition and Grammar, the sophomore h.s. text, continuing from last year's work.

    History: completing Modern history with Oak Meadow World History 7 as its loose spine. Frankly I love OM but after doing History Odyssey for years, this had a lot of holes, which we plug with SoTW and Kingfisher and other sources. Literary selections correspond roughly with OM English 7 and are supported with the history program. I expect a lot of detours with WWI & II and cold war stuff.

    Civics: OM Civics 8. Very excited for this, mainly because a friend is now on the township board, so I want DD to start shadowing/understanding the small to the large in terms of civic engagement. It's too bad it's not a major election year though.

    Science: Astronomy II with Pandia Press' RSO. This by the same author, Blair Lee, as BioII, which she enjoyed thoroughly as a 5th grader.

    Language: Irish through Rosetta Stone and supplemented with a beginner's text.

    Extras: She'll continue her work at the Nature Center, her Syrup to Cider class (farming/food preservation), and art through the Parent Partnership. She expressed an interest in the guitar so there might be classes in that too. Also, test prep; she will most likely take some kind of dual enrollment class in the winter semester, so she'll need to take a placement test of some kind.
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    6th/7th grade=ish

    This summer, finish:
    RSO Bio 2, this might take a while and she's cool with doing it during next year
    Math Mammoth 6
    Reading History of US book 4
    Finish reading list for 5th grade, just reading
    Time4Writing - middle school essay 8 week course

    Next year, sometime in August:
    Moving Beyond the Page 11-13
    Either MM 7th or Elements of Mathematics Foundations
    Next Level Homeschool Classes: Harry Potter Genetics, Shark Week, maybe others in spring
    Weekly enrichment program w/local school
    Lots of reading
    *I want to do less weekly planning and organizing!

    Bouldering, swimming, LEGO robotics

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    Age: 7 when we start
    Grade: 2
    Start: end of August

    We are doing similar things to what the OP is doing!

    Math: Rightstart C. I may add extra addition/subtraction practice. She can easily do it after finishing B this year but she isn't very quick.

    Science, Literature, and History: Build Your Library. We will finish 1 and start 2.

    Penmanship: Zaner-Bloser 2. She wants to learn cursive this year.

    Reading/Phonics: We will continue plugging away at leveled readers. She's currently in most level 1s. I haven't decided if we will continue with Explode the Code. If we do it will be 5 and 6.

    Spelling: Continue with Spelling You See B. Will probably move into C by middle of the year. We are doing this instead of the copywork in BYL, which she hated. This program is basically copywork.

    Grammar and Writing: Language Smarts from Critical Thinking Company. I was going to use First Language Lessons 2 and Winning With Writing or Daily 6-Trait Writing but I'm trying to simplify a bit. We will see how this goes. I keep telling myself this is only 2nd Grade- I don't need to worry about writing and grammar so much. Its hard when I know kids in school are expected to write paragraphs in 2nd Grade! Mine is very resistant to writing even her own sentences!

    Art: Home Art Studio

    Extras: piano, PE at the little elementary school down the road 2 days a week, volunteer work

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    Quote Originally Posted by rellybob View Post
    We are doing similar things to what the OP is doing!
    We are practically curriculum twins! We were on track to do RS C this year, but DD was complaining so much about doing math, that I was thinking maybe she just needs a break from RightStart. I hope Beast Academy works better for her OR she tries it and realizes how much easier it was to just do RS. Also, we were considering Home Art Studio so I'd love to hear how your DD likes it. You're not in New England, right? We could start our own co-op.
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    Working my way through my third year of homeschooling DD. We’re finding our groove, but constantly struggle w/ age appropriate day care for when I’m working.

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    DS1-11th(!) grade 16 yrs.

    Pre-Cal through JHCTY
    British Lit and High School Research writing through Open Tent
    Possibly doing Calling Bullshit this winter Calling Bullshit.
    Something at our CC for Dual Enrollment-possibly science, but we'll have to see what's open and what they'll let him take
    Maybe AP Computer Science-again, through someone else. eIMACs or CTY.
    A lot depends on DE. I am not "teaching" him this year, for a variety of reasons.

    DS 2-8th Grade 13 yrs.

    History Odyssey Early Modern
    RSO Bio2-bumped up to make it high school level
    Algebra 1- probably through Derek Owens
    Lit/writing-still on the fence with this one. Technically I could fully utilize HO and count it with some supplementation, but I'm considering using Open Tent for him as well. Probably the middle school short stories class.
    Hake Grammar, level 8. It's boring, but he doesn't mind, and it's effective. It's the last formal grammar that he'll do.
    He's also considering starting martial arts again-there is one place locally that actually has a teen class. Every other place lumps kids age 12 and older in with the adults, and he doesn't want that.
    He'll continue with piano as well, and we're looking around fro a suitable art class.
    One of his requests is meeting more teens-which is difficult for homeschoolers in our area, and worse if you're not religious. So, we're looking.

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2017-2018 Curriculum Choices?