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    Age: Six and a half
    Grade: First

    My kiddo is a very eclectic learner, so we essentially have our main curriculum and our backup curriculum. This may LOOK like a lot, but we are not doing this all consistently. We are also still trying to find what fits with her, so I overbuy and sell (or keep for the younger one) what does not work out.

    There is a set list of what I expect to be done daily and on a weekly basis, but sometimes that all gets set aside and we swap it out with something else for awhile.

    We use Build Your Library daily. If NOTHING else gets done, this does. Then one of us will pick 2 or 3 more things to do a day between science, math, reading, etc. I keep a check list of what we do each day, so I can make sure we are getting 2-3 days of math, at least 2 days of science, sufficient handwriting, etc.

    I am not going to put these by subject because many of them overlap.

    AAR and AAS


    ETC and BTC

    MCT Level 1 (we plan on drawing this out for at least 2 years) with the Mudd Trilogy

    Suppose the Wolf Were an Octopus

    Classics in the Classroom

    Aesops Workbooks to Read, Write and Think


    Life of Fred

    REAL Science - Life

    Salsa Spanish (and skill builder 1 and 2 workbooks)

    Book of Virtues Character Building

    Philosophy (Royal Fireworks Press)

    Creative Problem Solving (Royal Fireworks Press)

    Games: Rush Hour Junior, Sequence State and Capitols, Story Cubes and miniLuk puzzles

    Like I said, it LOOKS like a lot, but we also school year round, so that will last us into second grade.

    She does karate twice a week and is joining the black belt team soon. She also just started BMX racing, which she does once to twice a week.
    CJ (Mom)
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    Hmmmm. Heres what we are tentatively planning... Baby will be in K!

    DS11 (6th grade) - BYL Grade 7 (World Geography)
    DS5 (K) BYL K (World Geography).

    (Im hoping to be able to do a lot of these together. It will be my first try at BYL. Throw in some BraveWriter facets, and I hope to cover my Language Arts for both of them. (As well as social studies.)

    HWT and ETC for DS5 - It worked with older, we will start there. DS5 is a lot further along han his older brother was at this age, mostly because of all his therapies.

    DS11 - Finish Dimensions 7b if we dont over the summer, go on to 8a....
    DS5 - We will start with Singapore, since that worked for the older one.

    DS11 - We havent decided. Maybe another CK-12... not because the last one was great, but because it was a decent spine and generated paperwork to use as work samples.
    DS5 - I will try making gardening count, as well as nature hikes and learning about local climate. BYL has animal reports to go with the geography, I guess that would count too, but isnt the same as interacting with something directly.

    Phys Ed - Hmmmm. Nature walks.... cover science, social studies, and phys ed.

    Art, music, theater, etc - Both boys have a day at the charter school for this.
    Humanities day at the charter - They will have another day there doing literature circles and other enrichments with he other kids.
    I will have two days to myself!
    Homeschooling DS11, DS5.


    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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    Nope, not New England...North Dakota! Lol!

    We've only used Home Art Studio K so far but we really like it! Lots of different projects including various kinds of painting, paper cutting/ripping/gluing, and even some sculpture. Even though we are in 2nd this upcoming year I'm just going to use Grade 1- the projects are fine for a wide range of ages.👍🏻
    Rarely used blog at countingcurls.balbobben.com.

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    Age: 5
    Grade: 1st-ish

    LA, Social Studies and Science: Moving Beyond the Page 5-7
    Math: RightStart B and maybe Beast Academy 2
    Phonics: Foundations B, C and maybe D (loosely) plus Now I'm Reading series and others for fluency

    Read Alouds: selections from Build Your Library K, Memoria Press K and Five in a Row v.1 (unscheduled)
    Music: Preschool Prodigies (bells)
    PE/ Sports: swimming, gymnastics, and YMCA homeschool gym

    Art: Artistic Pursuits?

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