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    Has anyone used this Aleks math curriculum and if so did you like it? Could any one tell me which is the better of the two?? Is it true that TT runs a year behind--A lady told me this on another forum and I didn't know if this was so. Any & all info. is appreciated. We will be coming up on decimals next year and I really want something on the computer so it will be like a game. I tried Time4Learning and DD didn't like it! I thought it was great but she didn't--Go figure. Thank-You.

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    I don't have any experience with Aleks math, but I can tell you that Teaching Textbooks seems a bit easy, although not ridiculously so. I wouldn't mind trying to accelerate next year so that by the end of his fourth grade year we're doing the start of 5th grade, and thus gradually get further and further ahead.

    TT is sort of game-like in that there are bonus rounds to see how many right answers you can get in a specific amount of time, and there are different animal characters you can choose to sit on the desktop and occasionally they'll do funny things. At least that's the way it is at 3rd grade -- can't speak for anything higher.
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    That sounds great about those bonus rounds--I think she would really get into that. And the animal characters, she would like that,too. Heck, at this point, I'll probably end up with Saxon, TT, AND something else!! Talk about being prepared, sheeesh. Thanks, Mark.

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    Default ALEKS Math

    My daughter used ALEKS math in the private school she attended before we started homeschooling this year. I thought it was a very good program and plan to use it this year when she finishes the pre-algebra text she's working on currently. You get a lot of feedback from the program on the student's progress, and they can progress at their own pace.

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    Olive, how old is your daughter? My son did ALEKs at the algebra level. He really loved it, and we loved how interactive it was. But i have no experience at lower levels.
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    We use TT here. I had also heard that TT ran a year behind (depending on who you ask) but it hasn't been a problem for us since our 2nd grade son is doing Math 3. So if its really a grade behind, I guess he's doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing, right?

    My son loves the bonus fact, he used to freeze up whenever he was timed to do anything before TT, but when those bonus rounds came, for some reason he thought they were hilarious and so now he loves when they come up!! He likes the animals that sit and make noises and do different things and he's not seeming to have any major issues, other than the days he just "doesn't understand why we have to learn math..." but that's a whole other issue.
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    We started ALEKS this week...signed up for the free three month trial. I got a link from the homeschool mom newsletter, let me know if you want a link to it.

    DH and I really like it, and so far DS hasn't refused to do it, so that's a huge leap for us over every math program he's done since first grade ( granted, I am counting PS in that, too) i think he likes that it's on the computer, that there is help at the click of a button and that it doesn't have to write anything out if he doesn't want to.
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    Thank you so much for mentioning ALEKS. We signed up for the three month trial (still awaiting the info to log on, though), but from everything I have researched this one looks quite promising. My daughter is excited to start especially since it's on the computer.
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    We were able to review ALEKS for the Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. We really loved it for both my 3rd and 5th graders and have planned to continue it as our main math curriculum. The 3 month trial offer ends on the 27th, so be sure to sign up soon! I probably never would have considered an online math curriculum, but ALEKS has been really great! I feel like the children are grasping the material and retaining it well. They also both enjoy doing it, so that is always a bonus!

    Here is a link to my blog post that I reviewed ALEKS: http://orangemarmalademama.blogspot....leks-math.html
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    I just had to return and say that we've been doing ALEKS math for a week now and it has been going GREAT! We have the 3 month trial and definitely plan on continuing with it! Our daughter looks forward to math now and in fact asks that we do it first thing in the morning. We've seen a definite improvement and grasp in math and couldn't be happier with it!
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