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    Default Where's my homework? (Literary/project based curriculum advice)

    For younger kids who have been by your side while teaching older kids. Thoroughly enjoying and anticipating every minute of our various literary curriculum and activities (MBTP, BYL, RSMath and Elemental Science). What do you do when it's their turn officially? Backtracking is not an option she's too cool school and "I know that already". She has been there done that she wants to learn more and new things.

    I'm not sure what to do my son didn't officially start curriculum until 6 so this is new to me. We only do schoolwork from 5-7/8am but she has expectations for those 2-3 hours a day year round.

    He's starting 2nd grade curricula this week and while she still chooses to sit in on lessons; Gone now are the vast majority of picture books to make way for chapter books. Gone are the nearly daily art projects. (We still do picture books and art later but official school time is official school time and it's just different now.) I got a question I can't ignore and don't have an answer for this morning.....

    Where's my homework?

    That's a great question.

    I need a new magical secular literary, project based curriculum that she has never seen. With little or no twaddle.

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    I just wanted to update that I went with a highly customized mix of timberdoodle prek and kindergarten elite. Also Ivy Kids subscription to get some new literature based curriculum that I can build on into the house.

    Still open to ideas though.

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Where's my homework? (Literary/project based curriculum advice)