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    We used it for one year for biology. We were looking for something with actual dissection (I know, I know... Don't judge... My youngest wanted to be a paramedic at the time and absolutely insisted on real specimens). Anyhoo, we chose it primarily for that reason. It was a smidge dry but we supplemented with Time4Learning which livened it up. Solid lab science. No frills.

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    If your worried about Chemistry or Physics check out Supercharged Science. It's grades 1-12 and you don't need to know anything. There are over 800 videos of a NASA scientist and mechanical engineer doing EVERY single experiment step by step and explaining as she goes. She also has worksheets, quizzes etc. Many videos and experiments are available for FREE! that use many common household items or you can get the AIO kit they start I think at about $300 and the most expensive is $1800 for 5+ years worth of building materials, electric component and chemistry sets and over 900 experiments including an underwater rover, DVDs of the lessons and online access to e-science.
    I keep forgetting about Supercharged Science--I know it's mentioned on here a lot. I will have to check out their free stuff, but $300 and up is WAAAAAY too much for us, though!

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    Just know that Supercharged Science is not secular, it is more neutral.
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