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    Default Video/Movie making-editing program, book, curriculum

    My son is really interested in creating mini movies, but all we have is Windows Movie Maker, which hasn't been the easiest to use. I think he would love to get a curriculum or program for Christmas. He is 12. I don't even know where to start and I'm hoping one of you can deliver the holy grail for me!

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    What kind of technology do you have? Do you have a tablet? How are you filming the movies? Using a phone or ? I ask because there are some good video editing software for tablets.

    Other options is that YouTube have a free video editing software. It is fairly easy to use.

    There are a few other services that can do online video editing for free, but they have a limited length of video and options.

    The best software I have seen is iMovie for the Mac and iPad (but if you don't have those, then this is not helpful.)

    Or are you hoping for some good resources on how to use MovieMaker?
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    II'm open to anything. He has his own simple camera that he uploads to our main computer (not a Mac). I didn't know whether to put this post in "Curriculum" or "Extracurricular". I decided to ask here because my husband and I have no experience and we are all a little bit of luddites, plus I want him to start leading his learning some more. So a more user-friendly program or ap would be helpful, but a good book or curriculum would be even better.

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    Did you look at I visited it earlier today after reading another post here about it, and happened to surf from a user rave about how he learned to do claymation to the actual projects.

    It looks like its a great way to teach these skills. Not a formal course, but more like we would learn to do something - watch a few instructional videos, maybe read a little, look at what other people did, then embark!

    ETA: That link is for their animation badges.... but Im sure they have general movie shorts making ones too.
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    Fraps is what my 11 yo uses for recording computer games on the computer, but he said it doesnt do editing. So I guess I'm curious too!
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    My kid loves iMovie. He uses the iPad. He gets all creative making movie previews (drawing set backgrounds, creating spaceships for alien movies, choosing music), but never actually makes the movie, but it's the same idea.
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    The Apple Store has classes on movie making. Unfortunately they only use Apple products so it won't help if you use Windows. But it's a great class and it's free.
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    My daughter (9) loves using iMovie to edit movies made with her camera. For Christmas she's getting the HUE Animation Studio stop-motion animation kit (which comes with a special camera, software, and book). It gets great reviews, but we haven't actually tried it yet.

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    Thanks for the heads-up Alexsmom. I saw the thread, buy I haven't read it yet. I've used the site very randomly myself, but I bet my son would love to peruse it for all sorts of subjects.

    Is Apple the brand to go to for easy editing? We can't afford an iPad, especially since we already bought his big gift, but maybe we could afford an older, used one. Does anyone know what is the oldest version we could get that would still be able to access the aps? And maybe this is stupid, but is there a way to get videos from a camera onto an iPad? The camera he has is almost bomb-proof, so we would prefer he use that to shoot video until he is older. Although, the way my now 19 y.o. niece goes through phones, maybe it's more of a "until he can buy his own stuff."

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    Quote Originally Posted by amradiofairyland View Post
    My daughter (9) loves using iMovie to edit movies made with her camera. For Christmas she's getting the HUE Animation Studio stop-motion animation kit (which comes with a special camera, software, and book). It gets great reviews, but we haven't actually tried it yet.
    That looks great! Are you sure you don't want her to open it early so you can tell me how it is? I'll have to research it more tonight when the boy isn't hanging around.

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Video/Movie making-editing program,  book, curriculum