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    I've looked some in archives, but I can't really tell if anyone else here has used this curriculum. I'm currently looking for physical science for my 9th grader. I was about to purchase the manuals and kit when I noticed this on the sample pages/syllabus for her biology materials: Week 13: Careers in Biology and the Great Debate. If it were secular, there would be no mention of this, right? I liked this curriculum because it was specifically for homeschoolers rather than a class.

    Urgh... then I discover that the Plato Science courseware is on sale at the HS Co-op but expires at midnight.
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    B1 - 11 (6th grader)
    B2 - 15 (10th grader)

    Homeschooled for three years, but due to various circumstances, we put them back into public school. Still here because I feel like I found my tribe.

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    My son used the physical science this past year. Overall, I thought is was pretty good, but I did have some issues with it. The point of these courses is for the student to do research, so the idea of secular or not wasn't really an issue for us. I don't remember any mention of creationism, but it's something that the student could probably research if they wanted to, and avoid if they had no interest. I don't recall any particular slant, one way or the other as far as that was concerned.

    Problems I had included a few typos and/or incorrect answers--I'm not sure which it was. There were a few misspellings here and there--not many, but enough to be noticeable. In the answer key, they said that the first mission to the moon landed in 1967--I sincerely hope it was a typo. I can't remember off-hand any other specifics, but there were one or two places when the answers given did not match up to the information we researched. It's possible that this is a result of new scientific discoveries and advancements changing what we used to know.

    I think that the concept is a good one, but the execution needs some work. I wish that she'd include a list of suggested resources for the student to use. There were some answers that included information that my son never came across in his research, and I cannot imagine how he'd know to look for it without some guidance. It would have been nice to have a list of the books and websites that she used in making up her questions and answers, so we'd be more likely to come up with similar research. This might not be a big issue if you choose not to use her quizzes, but if you do, it's kind of important that the student comes up with at least the same or similar information to that which is included in the answer manual.

    The labs were okay. The light bulbs and sockets that we got didn't work properly (I suspect the bulbs were faulty), but we had some from another kit that worked. Some of the stuff you need to get on your own can be a bit hard to find (dry ice!), so be sure to check what you need well in advance. Many of the labs were apparently written in a way that the student is expected to figure out how to do it on his own--sometimes that's fine, but sometimes it made it very confusing, not knowing the proper procedure. The answer key helped out in that respect.

    What I liked about it is that it broke ds out of the rut of using just one textbook for everything. He had to do a lot of online research, and would often find more information than was strictly "required," which made the class more interesting. I got him a physical science textbook to use as a spine, but it was not enough for everything he needed to research, but a good starting point.
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    Thank you so much for your response! I will certainly take it into consideration.

    B1 - 11 (6th grader)
    B2 - 15 (10th grader)

    Homeschooled for three years, but due to various circumstances, we put them back into public school. Still here because I feel like I found my tribe.

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    So, what did you decide to do with your 9th grade science? I am in the same boat you were in last year, researching for the 2014-2015 school year. I'll take any advice! Thanks.

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