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Thread: Thoughts on Elemental History - Adventures in America

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    Question Thoughts on Elemental History - Adventures in America

    Has anyone used this? Can you share your likes/dislikes about it? I'm considering using it for my six year old.

    Elemental History

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    I honestly can't find very much info about it, other than a lot of people seem to have ordered it. I'd love to know what the author's views are (i.e. are we approaching this from a secular prospective, but still talking about the how/why of religion in our history?).

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    I didn't use it, but I looked at it and read a bunch of reviews when we did US history. Everything from Elemental is very notebooky - lots of organize this, fill this out kinds of pages. There are readings and some little projects. It's geared toward younger kids and I think most people use it with K'ers before doing the four year history cycle since Elemental is all about the classical learning. The only real bias that seemed to be in it was that it was glossing over everything difficult or controversial. It seems like it wants to be the "fun" American history stuff and none of the darker bits. But since the target age is basically 5 and 6 yos, that's not necessarily bad.
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    We are using it right now. Farrar is right - it is very basic and introductory. We are using it for exactly what she said - an introduction before starting the four year history cycle. It has been fun - DD loves it. There are short readings each week, and we've been diligent about checking out all the supplemental readings and doing those too. The state study is fun but very cursory. We have done one or two of the projects, and sometimes DD makes up projects on her own. All in all we'd do it again (we are about 5 weeks from finishing). It was exactly what I was looking for for this age - an intro to history studies, not too heavy, but it brings up some interesting topics for conversation. I'd recommend it.
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    We used it 2011-2012, so DD was 4 and 5. Nice, light intro to American history for young kids. DD liked it, and she has retained more than I thought she would. We didn't do all of the projects, but some. I definitely think the supplemental readings were where all the meat was at, and we enjoyed those the most. We did the copywork and "narrations" but that was rarely what she loved. Agreed that the state study is very cursory, but she liked it even so. We went on to do History Odyssey Ancients this past year, which she has loved. I think Adventures in America prepared her well for that. I have a history fan, for certain.
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