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    Default Math U See vs Teaching Textbooks

    Has anyone used both programs that can give me an insight on which one they liked better. I am trying to find a math program that will work for my daughter and it has been a struggle. We have tried at least 3 different programs (right start, Abeka, and math mammoth) and she has shown resistance to each one.


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    I have used both and have mixed reviews. It would help to know how old your daughter is just so I know if we've done the levels she would be using. Also, what is she resisting? Is it the program, math in general, or is it you? The reason I ask is because my oldest, who just finished TT pre-algebra resisted me. Whenever she struggles with something, somehow I am to blame. She wants me help but she really doesn't want to listen to my explanation. Soo, TT was a much better program for her. If she didn't understand the problem, she simply clicked on the explanation and it was given to her. She could watch each and every problem being worked without me having to say a word about why or if she was wrong. It worked so much better than having me explain.

    My middle daughter who just finished level 6 also did better with TT than MUS. She really prefers the fun graphics on the computer and is definitely an auditory learner. In TT, each problem is given to the student on the screem but is also read aloud. That helped my daughter very much. She also likes the study buddies.

    My youngest daughter, now doing 5th grade math, prefers MUS. First of all, she doesn't like the voice of speaker on the TT programs. She gets annoyed with him. She also thinks the explanation the Steve Demme gives is better than what you get on TT. Lastly, she loves using the manipulatives that are used with MUS. She doesn't mind the basic black and white workbook pages--less to get distracted by.

    I don't know if this makes a difference, but the older two girls have never liked math. TT is the only program that they haven't really dreaded doing. The youngest really loves math and she prefers MUS. I guess it's all in learning styles.

    You can go on both of the websites and see sample lessons. I would have your daughter do that with you and see what grabs her. Good luck!!

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    Age/grade/math ability would help.
    We've only done TT for one year and it will be THE math program that we'll use as far as it will take us. DD is NOT mathy, despises math, has bad self-esteem with math, and overall needs a less intensive math program. She also CANNOT take much instruction from me in this area so TT fit the bill.

    I have never worked with MUS but I've researched it and it's progression is different than TT so keep that in mind as well.

    Good luck!
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    She is 10, at a 4th/5th grade math level.

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Math U See vs Teaching Textbooks