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    Default Homeschool Tracker vs Homeschool Skedtrack

    Not sure where to post this...searched through posts but didn't find anything comparing the two...

    I have tried every online planner I can think of. At first, I was happy with skedtrack, but I kept hitting a bug where things on the page would not load. Frustrated, I moved on. Well, today I tried Homeschool Tracker (the online version), and at first I loved it, but OMG is this thing crazy. It is so much work and there is SO much to set up that it's driving me crazy.

    For those who have used both, which do you prefer? These seem to be the best of everything I've tried.


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    You could make your own online planner. I ended up doing that. I made a document that was a blank lesson plan (I use daily plans but you could make a weekly plan) and saved it as "lesson plan template". I made a folder called "Lesson Plans" in my documents. When I plan lessons I open the lesson plan template, fill it in, and then save it with the number of the day (or week) of school to the lesson plan folder. If you save it in dropbox, google drive, or hotmail skydrive you can access it on different computers. It is very easy to do and takes very little time, and it is a lot easier to update than either of those programs if you change your plans.

    My plan has all of the subjects we cover in a day/week, but if you wanted to make a plan for each subject you could. The biggest difference in doing this sort of thing and working with one of those programs is that you can't run reports. I live in Pennsylvania so I do have to turn in some stuff to the state. I solved that by creating the portfolio online too, with all of the daily lesson plans copied into it along with some scanned in copies of my student's work over the course of the year, and copied that onto a cd which I turned into the district. If I had more time I would have created my own reports based on the saved plans instead of sending them but it was a lot less work to just pack them off. My attendance report was a one page yearly calendar with our vacations and days off marked, and scanned in to the portfolio.

    Some people make their own planners with the spreadsheet function, or the database function, but I haven't really tried to do that as I'm not especially familiar with those programs, but i
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    Three kids all grown up, one in public high school and two homeschoolers at home.

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    There's also MySchoolYear, which I am trying out right now, but have not been able to find many reviews or thoughts on it. So far it has been easy to set up and use, but I still might prefer the self-made online tracker as it would be simpler and less expensive to use. Maybe somone who has as been using it awhile will have more details than I do.

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    Just in case you wanted another recommendation... I've been using Scholaric for about 10 months, and I love it! Super easy to use, clean layout, it does what I need without a lot of extra stuff I don't. It might be worth checking out.

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    Rainefox, I was thinking of trying to create something in Google Drive, but I haven't tried yet because I thought it would be easier to have a program do all the work for me. What I want is to create lesson plans, be able to easily change them since Homeschool life needs to be flexible, I want to be able to run a report of everything she has completed. I want to be able to enter grades and have it automatically calculate the average/letter. I want a schedule/calendar. I could probably do all of this in Google Drive. I like your idea of creating a template and then just editing it as needed. I would probably do one per subject. Also, I think part of your message got cut off???

    I'll check out MySchoolYear and Scholaric. I tried every planner I could find, but I somehow missed these!

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    Forgot to add that I want something I can share with my daughter, so she can log into whatever it is and see her assignments and check them as complete. I may have to have my husband just make a crazy spreadsheet for me!

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    I understand what you're looking for! The perfect product hasn't been invented yet, as far as I know. I've been looking for quite a while. I liked HST+ for about a year, but it got to be too much of a hassle to change things around in it and I got to the point I thought it took too long to use for the benefit I got out of it. I've tried the others and not been happy with those either. That's why I made my own. The trade-off is that while it is faster and easier to use, it doesn't have the functionality of a program that can generate reports or grade averages. I really wish that someone would come up with a better idea, and while they are at it how about a more visually appealing idea! Sorry I can't help more.
    Mom of six
    Three kids all grown up, one in public high school and two homeschoolers at home.

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    My husband is a product development consultant, and his partner is an engineer (for software startups)...I keep trying to get him to make me something! I wish he had the time, because he totally would! Until then, I may use Scholaric or just make my own thing.

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Homeschool Tracker vs Homeschool Skedtrack