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Umbrella Groups in MD

  1. abbamommamd
    Hi Everyone! We are new to homeschooling - my children are still in public school. I have been trying to research umbrella groups in MD, but was wondering if anyone on here had any suggestions? I have a friend that suggested the one she is using, but it requires a Bible Study/Religion curriculum. I am trying to figure it all out so I can notify the BOE that the kids will not be returning to public school next year.

    Actually, if you have any suggestions for Science and History, I would appreciate that as well!

  2. Riceball_Mommy
    My only experience is with Calvert, and they are one of the two correspondence schools approved by Maryland. I originally went with the curriculum through them because I liked the idea of ATS but now I just do reviews through the county. Right now though the only secular umbrella that comes to mind is Many Paths I have no direct experience with them though, they might be worth looking into.
  3. abbamommamd
    I have information on Calvert, I wasn't sure about it...I have heard great things about Teaching Textbooks for math so I am torn about buying the full curriculum. I was also looking at Moving Beyond the Page. How has your experience been with the county? I think that is the thing that makes me the most nervous. I have friends that homeschool and they tell me that I don't want "the county" checking
    our stuff. What are your thoughts?

  4. Riceball_Mommy
    I'm in Baltimore County, and despite the overall state law each county seems to handle thing slightly different so I can't speak for any other county. Also I've only had one review so far, and I'm coming up on my second soon. It's really not that bad, they just wanted to see evidence for each subject and even the extra subjects really they don't need to count they only asked a few simple questions like "does she use the computer?" I think I brought way too much last time because really I didn't have to show them everything, and even though I use Calvert I use some extra workbooks and things so I keep a list of my materials sorted by subject, and it helps me to think of and explain what I use for each subject.
  5. abbamommamd
    We are in Howard - I guess as long as you keep good records, there shouldn't be a problem. I am just a worry-wart and know if they aren't happy with the stuff I brought they could "force" me to put my kids back in public school (IF I don't resolve the issues in the time they give me). I thought an umbrella group would be more willing to work with me on correcting anything.

    I know the first year(maybe 2) will be a huge learning experience for all of us, I guess I would feel better if I had my curriculum selected. I wish we had more hours in the day so I could figure all this out (or lock myself away somewhere). ;o)

    What part of Baltimore county do you live? We live near the Baltimore county/Howard county line (near the airport).
  6. wolfpack2001
    We are in Prince George's County.. I too have the county check my stuff.. and i haven't had any issues with it.. then again we are military so you know it is rough there.
  7. christineoc
    We are in Montgomery. Just had our first review and it went really well. One thing that I think helped is that I jumped right in as if I were making a presentation (based on the checklist they use at the review, and knowing that dated samples were requested). Not sure about other counties, but I've heard in MC you can request the same reviewer each time.

    We have just decided on Moving Beyond the Page for next year. One of the reasons is that the science, history and language arts curriculum are all tied together, and the science is hands on. We decided to order just the first quarter to make sure we liked it (a little more expensive that way, but I'm thinking we can get the rest during on of their infrequent sales if we decide we really like it). We are already doing "Life of Fred Math", which MBTP recommends, and love it, but will also supplement with a math text (my husband teaches the math and really likes having a textbook).

    I think having a curriculum is going to make reviews even easier, because it will sort of "build in" things to put in the portfolio (rather than me researching, designing, etc.)

    Good luck!
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