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Where in Virginia?

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  1. dbmamaz
    I'm in Richmond - well, on the far west end of Richmond. I go to the West End Recess and the Deep Run Park Day almost every week - stop by and introduce yourself to me if you're in the area - Cara
  2. Spirit0662
    Hi. I've just joined this website today and am located in SW VA, specificially the TriCities area. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.
  3. happykid25
    New here too! I'm near Charlottesville, spend many of my days "in town." We travel over to Richmond from time to time to go to the Children's Museum, shop and play miniture golf. My DS(4) is miniture golf "obsessed."
  4. jplred
    We are in Va. Beach
  5. jplred
    Maybe some of you from other cities in Virginia can recommend good educational field trip destinations within Virginia? We are thinking of going to the Science Museum in Richmond sometime in the upcoming school year. Any other places you guys like?
  6. Kell
    We are in Fairfax County. Herndon, specifically.
  7. Julie@Creekside Learning
    Julie@Creekside Learning
    We are in Loudoun County.
  8. Theresa
    We are in Virginia Beach, new here as of November
  9. littlebirds
    Also in Virginia Beach!
  10. SnakePuncess
    Bristow, VA - next to Manassas
    new to this group, new to NoVA
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