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    They may still sell the old books though? I only purchased the book we have in 2016. From a reseller, so not direct from them. But I had an issue with something in the book (non-religious, it was a spelling or grammar mistake in the book), and I contacted the company directly, and they said that they agreed it was in there and they would change it on the next reprint?
    There are older editions still being sold. Sequential Spelling was bought by Wave 3 Learning, Inc fairly recently. In their "About Us" section, they talk about transforming the product for the 21st Century. Rainbow Resource lists Sequential Spelling "Original Classic Edition" by AVKO and a "Revised Edition" by Wave 3 Learning. Avko's facebook page said they should be able to start publishing again "soon" back in 2017. The Avko webpage is still non-functional. So at some point fairly recently, AVKO (the original publisher of Sequential Spelling) went belly up and sold the product to Wave 3, who is supposedly updating the product to make it 100% secular.

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    I would definitely qualify as a secular, eclectiv, and academic homeschooler... but I havent found the SEA site to be very helpful, and I dont do facebook. Is there a forum section for members? I wasnt willing to sign up to find out. I think thats where SHS does better - people new to homeschooling can see what everything is, can search archived information.
    Isnt facebook just a spew of information, not organized?
    It is a shame, though, about the religious ads here. And the lack of responsiveness to the people who use the site.
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    My spelling and typing are fine, its my keyboard that doesnt cooperate.

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    I don't think its cool at all. The beauty of this site, vs SEA, which i also love, is that SEA is much more dogmatic. I'd like to be able to discuss ways to adapt religious curriculum, and discuss "neutral" curriculum, both of which is banned at SEA. I liked the more casual "flavor" here, but at the same time, i'm not ok with xtian curriculum being shoved in my face like every other homeschool site. I think its time to find another way to pay the bills.

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    Totally agree. And I just despise the practices of Facebook. Sure SEA may be purely secular, but why are people okay with Facebook harvesting such personal data from them and selling to others? I think that is much, much worse than religious ads. I really just check in on the forums because I love the discussions and sane advice on here.
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