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    Published on 05-01-2017 08:00 AM
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    Bring Learning Home

    Discover a new path to learning! Oak Meadow offers flexible, creative homeschooling curriculum for K-12, or enrollment in our fully accredited distance learning school.

    • K-4 is child-centered, experiential, playful, nature-based
    • 5-8 encourages increased student autonomy, intellectual engagement
    • High School offers challenging academic courses, options to earn credit, college counseling
    • Start anytime during the year!

    Save Mother's Day to Memorial Day! (May 14- May 29)
    20% off in Oak Meadow Bookstore 10% off new enrollments


    For this month's giveaway, Oak Meadow is offering a lucky SHS member a chance to win a complete homeschool curriculum package for the grade of your choice (K-8). Retail Value $475 to $595

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    Published on 04-18-2017 10:51 AM
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    Ever feel like hitting the “reset” button on your homeschool? I’ve asked myself many times throughout this journey, “What would I do differently if I could do this year over again?” I’ve become convinced, though, that the one thing I would consistently change is how much time we spend out of doors. I think I have created far too many excuses over the years for why we couldn’t go out, instead of excuses for why we could.

    But, why?

    Hopefully, you don’t need too much convincing that spending more time with your kids outside is a good idea, but just in case…

    • getting enough vitamin D is essential to hormone production
    • studies have shown that artificial light can contribute to nearsightedness
    • our circadian rhythms are tied to sunlight...more outside time could mean better sleep!
    • indoor air-pollutants are 25-62% greater than outside levels
    • sitting too much results in impaired fat-burning capacity
    • spending time in nature has been linked to improved attention spans and boosts in serotonin

    Oh, and I almost forgot this one. Getting outside is FUN!!!

    But, I live in ________.

    Yeah, we can fill in that blank too. The city? An apartment? A dangerous area? None of which should prevent us from high-tailing it to our nearest park, greenspace, safe neighborhood, or athletic field as often as humanly possible. If you’re still struggling, plug in your location to this resource and let it find outdoor havens for you. Think of those spaces as a “shared backyard” and make the most of them. Bring along your favorite books or an ongoing project and read and work with the birds and bees as your background noise instead of the A/C. Visit a farmer’s market or outdoor flea market and sample some of the wares. Take a walk on a pier if you live near enough to a waterway. Watch a community softball team practice; you might just inspire the next little pitcher!

    But, we don’t have enough time.

    I’m about to speak to you as a fellow secular homeschooling friend, instead of as a blogger, here. You ready? If you are homeschooling and you don’t have time to go outside, you are DOING IT WRONG! If you’ve been homeschooling, even for a New York minute, you realize that education at home takes
    about 75% less time than it did in the classroom. ...

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