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  • May 2013 Giveaway - Oak Meadow Curriculum and School

    om_curr_covers-jpgSecularHomeschool.com is excited to partner again with Oak Meadow Curriculum and School on another amazing giveaway!! Oak Meadow’s uniquely creative curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development. omfacebook-jpg

    Join thousands of families who have discovered the joy of learning at home with this well-rounded and academically complete PreK–12 resource designed for homeschooling families. And be sure to check out curriculum samples, which will allow you to determine the correct grade placement and to see if Oak Meadow is the right fit for your family.

    This month, we are partnering with Oak Meadow to give away one complete homeschool curriculum for your grade of choice (preK-8) from Oak Meadow's renowned, creative homeschool curriculum materials to a lucky member of SecularHomeschool.com! To enter this giveaway, simply visit their latest issue of Living Education devoted to Sustainable Living and Learning. Let us know which article or activity you find most interesting by posting your comment below.
    You may earn up to four additional entries for this giveaway by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and coming back and commenting to let us know, by sharing this giveaway on Twitter and coming back and commenting to let us know (with your Twitter ID), by sharing this giveaway on Google+ and coming back and commenting to let us know (with the post link) or by posting about this giveaway on your personal blog or website and coming back and leaving a comment with a link to your post. (Each additional entry must be entered via a separate comment)

    Click here for the official rules of this giveaway
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    1. edtmnltmmmcm's Avatar
      edtmnltmmmcm -
      There were a lot of great little articles in there! I like the book reviews, especially. We're very interested in homesteading and are on the verge of a big move to the country to expand our practices.
    1. True Blue's Avatar
      True Blue -
      I'm in love with the fairy house article!! They are so adorable....I can't wait to make one with my girls now. They already happened to be outside designing fairy clothes from things in the garden yesterday!!
    1. True Blue's Avatar
      True Blue -
      I also posted this to facebook.
    1. TarotMama's Avatar
      TarotMama -
      I enjoyed the article on "The Joys of Authentic Engagement." In particular, I was interested in the authors' insights about time, how we squander it, and how homeschooling can help us use time in a mindful way.

      Trenda Plunkett
    1. TarotMama's Avatar
      TarotMama -
      I shared this contest on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marieplunke.../4662685689541

      Trenda Plunkett
    1. ondreeuh's Avatar
      ondreeuh -
      I love the idea of little fairy gardens. My 5 year old will LOVE to create his own little garden and scene, though his may use Playmobil spies. I will take him on a nature walk today to start finding things! I'll get some sunflowers seeds, too, so we can plant them and hopefully grow a little hideaway as shown in the magazine. Great ideas!
    1. Jessica B's Avatar
      Jessica B -
      I like the idea of a "sit spot" to observe the changing seasons. I also read the tips for homeschooling multiple kids on different levels.
    1. QueenBee's Avatar
      QueenBee -
      I liked the article on "Simple, Sustainable Living." Many of the ideas are very simple (hence the title), but serve as a great reminder of how easy it can be to connect with each other and the earth.
    1. QueenBee's Avatar
      QueenBee -
      I've also shared this contest on Facebook!
    1. tfrank's Avatar
      tfrank -
      I love the article "The Joys of authentic engagement."
    1. QueenBee's Avatar
      QueenBee -
      I've also shared on Twitter (Twitter ID = Queen Bee @lostpersonHS)
    1. tfrank's Avatar
      tfrank -
      Shared on facebook.
    1. cariboomama's Avatar
      cariboomama -
      I really enjoyed the article "Nature and Story". I love how a simple walk to the beach can turn into a Science lesson or Art lesson in no time at all! When my child is out in nature, she typically becomes engaged and eager to learn all she can about her environment. Thank you for offering this giveaway!
    1. kmsites's Avatar
      kmsites -
      Would love to continue our journey with adding 2nd grade to our already love of Oak Meadow!!
    1. True Blue's Avatar
      True Blue -
      Shared on FB!
    1. teglene's Avatar
      teglene -
      Oak Meadow is a great curriculum!
    1. teglene's Avatar
      teglene -
      Shared on Facebook!
    1. SixMama's Avatar
      SixMama -
      I love the article on homeschooling multiples. It was very helpful in giving me ideas on how to get it all done!
    1. Bugs's Avatar
      Bugs -
      I love the fairy gardens!
    1. SixMama's Avatar
      SixMama -
      Shared on facebook
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