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  • May 2013 Giveaway - Oak Meadow Curriculum and School

    om_curr_covers-jpgSecularHomeschool.com is excited to partner again with Oak Meadow Curriculum and School on another amazing giveaway!! Oak Meadow’s uniquely creative curriculum includes assignments that ask children to read, write, and think, and also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things, encouraging balanced and healthy development. omfacebook-jpg

    Join thousands of families who have discovered the joy of learning at home with this well-rounded and academically complete PreK–12 resource designed for homeschooling families. And be sure to check out curriculum samples, which will allow you to determine the correct grade placement and to see if Oak Meadow is the right fit for your family.

    This month, we are partnering with Oak Meadow to give away one complete homeschool curriculum for your grade of choice (preK-8) from Oak Meadow's renowned, creative homeschool curriculum materials to a lucky member of SecularHomeschool.com! To enter this giveaway, simply visit their latest issue of Living Education devoted to Sustainable Living and Learning. Let us know which article or activity you find most interesting by posting your comment below.
    You may earn up to four additional entries for this giveaway by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and coming back and commenting to let us know, by sharing this giveaway on Twitter and coming back and commenting to let us know (with your Twitter ID), by sharing this giveaway on Google+ and coming back and commenting to let us know (with the post link) or by posting about this giveaway on your personal blog or website and coming back and leaving a comment with a link to your post. (Each additional entry must be entered via a separate comment)

    Click here for the official rules of this giveaway
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    1. Mami517's Avatar
      Mami517 -
      shared on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php...00000225650085

      Monica Ramirez
    1. Brooke Ratzat's Avatar
      Brooke Ratzat -
      I really enjoyed the Heart of Learning excerpts. This coming year will be our first with Oak Meadow and I'm so thrilled to be part of this community of caring and thoughtful parents.
    1. Cwalkr's Avatar
      Cwalkr -
      The article about homeschooling multiples was very helpful. I love concrete examples and real-life scenarios. I also love the idea for the flower pot compost!
    1. alilu's Avatar
      alilu -
      I really enjoyed the roundtable discussion on Permaculture - a vital part of our urban/rural city, Detroit. Good luck on the drawing everyone!
    1. thesarahmoon's Avatar
      thesarahmoon -
      The sustainable living article was just what I needed to hear! Very reassuring that I am making the right choice to homeschool. So very glad that I have found these resources. Thank you!
    1. thesarahmoon's Avatar
      thesarahmoon -
      Shared on Facebook!
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      I enjoyed the idea of turning a walk into a lesson. Anything in everyday life can be used this way, really.
    1. danaann517's Avatar
      danaann517 -
      While I loved many of the articles, my favorite, by far, was The Joys of Authentic Engagement: Blending Curriculum and Community-Based Learning. That article really spoke to me. If I had to pick a runner up, it would be Fairy Houses, since my 2 year old daughter is currently obsessed with all things fairy!
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      The flower pot composting was very interesting.
    1. danaann517's Avatar
      danaann517 -
      Shared on facebook!
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      I enjoyed the flower pot composting and the idea of turning a walk into a lesson. Any aspect of daily life could be used this way, really, when you think about it.
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      I shared it on facebook
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      I tweeted it (@heidimannan)
    1. Heidi Mannan's Avatar
      Heidi Mannan -
      I blogged it, too! The Enchanted Pen: Oak Meadow curriculum giveaway

      Sorry if I posted this more than once, I was having technical difficulty.
    1. NewDawn NewDay's Avatar
      NewDawn NewDay -
      my favorite article was "The Joys of Authentic Engagement."
    1. MableM123's Avatar
      MableM123 -
      I love the recommendations around Fairy Houses, as our girls really live fairies and long to bring them closer to our home.
    1. Vabeachmom's Avatar
      Vabeachmom -
      I liked in particular the article "Families Lead The Way" because of the reference to "free range" living and learning. Having lived in Virginia and been subjected to (and having my children be subjected to) the public schools' rigid and limited view of education, I find this idea so refreshing and liberating! Shared on Facebook.
    1. sjpm1031's Avatar
      sjpm1031 -
      Love the fairy houses :-)
    1. sjpm1031's Avatar
      sjpm1031 -
      Shared on Twitter (@gmama1031)
    1. luxiii's Avatar
      luxiii -
      I especially like Liz Gardner's article on The Joys of Authentic Engagement. We are so distracted today with a constant input of information and instant gratification and I found the article encouraging in our choice to homeschool and be fully present in the moment and appreciate simplicity.
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