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  • Weekly Poll: Which meal is your least favorite to fix?

    What is your favorite meal to fix? Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack?Some people LOVE to cook no matter what time of day, what meal. But others, like myself....hate, I mean DREAD, hate, despise making lunch! I can come up with yummy creations for dinner, we are not huge breakfast people but I can make a mean breakfast...but lunch is my arch nemesis! UGH! And the funny thing is, it was and still is for Grandmother as well. She raised 3 girls and dreaded making lunch because it seemed a PITA to her!
    I love planning dinner, being as creative as I can for dinner within my family's taste buds!LOL
    Being a homeschool Mom and a childcare provider....lunch is a daily OMG what will I fix thing. UGH!
    I do it, I come up with it...but sometimes I feel like really....that is what you get! EAT IT!LOL

    So....what is the meal you dislike making the most? Why?
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