• A Day In The Life Of A Secular Homeschooler: gonyere

    Welcome to a "Day in the Life of a Secular Homeschooler"! This week we are featuring a day in the life of....gonyere ! She has been homeschooling all her life, is Mom to Andros & Keegan and here is a little insight into her homeschooling day!

    Wake up, eat breakfast. Play. Read some books. Maybe watch something on PBS Kids or an episode or 3 of The Magic School Bus. Play some more. Eat lunch. Play some more. Read books. Color/draw/paint. Play. Eat dinner (maybe help cook depending on what we're having). Clean up the house. Watch a move or tv show or play video games or play & read some more books. Brush teeth, and put PJ's on. Go lay down and read more books.

    You can learn more about gonyere via her blog, Todo en Tiempo

    If you loved reading about a member's day of homeschooling and want to submit your own....just follow this link, A Day in the Life of a Secular Homeshooler to the original article that explains it all and click the submit at the bottom! That is it! Quick and painless and soon, your homeschooling day could be featured on the Home page of SHS!!!

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