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    We've only been using this for a few months, but it has made a huge difference in our homeschool lives. It is a literature-based, flexible curriculum that uses some Charolette Mason. The book choices have been very engaging for my daughter and the activities are very hands-on. So far we have done things like making our own archaeological dig, burying a time capsule and we have put together a nature study back pack so she can go out almost daily and observe her environment. There is copy work/dictation which is one of my favorite things about CM and I've seen an amazing improvement in my daughter's writing, spelling and punctuation skills. The narration portion is wonderful because there are a variety of things to do, not just strict narration. (ie. make a new book cover, do a diorama, create a collage) My daughter is also really enjoying the poetry memorization. It is a very inexpensive program since you can find many of the required books at the library or used on Amazon.
    I would highly recommend it!


    • Inexpensive
    • Covers a variety of subjects
    • Extremely flexible
    • Could work for a variety of age levels at one time
    • Keeps the child interested and engaged
    • Involves lots of reading from quality literature

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