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    ignore-jpgSpongebob in small doses is funny(to the right viewer)! Takes your mind away from whatever and lets you veg out!
    Spongebob as my neighbor would make me move or do something even more drastic!
    That pineapple would become a yummy tropical drink REALLY fast!
    The same could be said amongst members on here!
    Small doses of information and opinions are great, we love them. Someone ranting and raving over and over can drive us batty!
    It can even make us visit the site less often, missing out on valuable homeschooling information!
    YIKES! The horror!
    Guess what...... there is a simple solution! The ignore list feature!
    How do I accomplish this task you ask?

    • Head to your settings, which is located in the upper right corner! Click it!
    • Then once your page has loaded up, look over on the left side and find My Settings.
    • Scroll down to under My Account and you will see Edit Ignore List.
    • Click it and you can add the member you are having issues with!

    Got to Settings -> My Settings-> My Account -> Edit Ignore List

    And once you've ignored a specific user, even their posts won't appear to you in the forum! No need to delete your account, no need to visit less often, no need to get into a debate....just ignore them!
    Easy Peasy!
    Now...off to become a vegetable...I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready..... oops, got stuck in Spongebob mode there!LOL
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