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  • Getting Around With Geography: An Introductory Geography Lesson

    flyy-mamma-jpgReprinted with permission from SHS member: mseward from her blog! She has a short bio at the end of the article as well! Thanks!

    This summer I spent a considerable amount of time pouring over social studies curriculum recommendations from both a secular homeschool forum and the P.E.A.C.H. Homeschool Yahoo Group here in metro-Atlanta. I still haven’t found one that has what I am really looking for (accurate depictions of the slave trade, slavery in the U.S.) and it’s highly likely that I will never find one. Since I decided that our Social-History-Literature curriculum would (1) Start in Africa and (2) be taught primarily through texts, I thought it would be a good idea to review some basic geography concepts with the girls, that way when we start discussing the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (Triangle Slave Trade), they would understand how and why Africans were taken to certain countries (not just the U.S.). As we learn more about the original African cultures, they will be able to see and understand how a lot of what African Americans consider their heritage and culture, survived the journeys across both the ocean and centuries.
    I have finally finished compiling an introductory homeschool geography lesson that we will start next week. The download link for ‘Getting Around With Geography’ is at the end of this post. I am sure that as we go along, I may think of some additional projects or lessons to add but this is a good starting point for us. Hope you find something in the lesson useful. If you do use it, please share your feedback! Once the ‘Journey Through Western Africa‘ lesson is finished, I will post it on the site.

    As a kid, I often played 'school' with my cousins and friends. Guess who always played the teacher? Yep, that'd be me. Little did I know that playing school was preparing me for serving my purpose in life. Although I had plans to pursue a PhD in History and teach at a college/university, my purpose pushed me towards public education. Specifically, K-12 education. I worked as n Interrelated Special Education Teacher for 5 years, then left when I could no longer grin and bear the politics, failed policies that were supposed to protect kids, and the blatant lack of professionalism. When forced to choose between my child and a job, I chose my child.

    Here I am - almost 6 years later, preparing to homeschool my youngest two children (ages 8.5 and 11). It's kind of ironic because I pretended to be a teacher as a child, then briefly worked as a teacher, and now I am preparing to be a teacher again. Life certainly has a way of getting you to where you are supposed to be.

    You can keep-up with our homeschooling journey by following my blog at www.MoniseLSeward.com. I also discuss education in general and I'll be sharing some homeschool teaching resources as well.
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