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    Review from member: farrarwilliams
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    Tin Man Press is not a single curriculum, but a publisher who makes unusual workbooks and resources for creative thinking for elementary and middle school. Most of their books work best for grade 3-8, but can be useful before or even after. Most of the products are geared toward the school market, but are easily adapted for homeschoolers. We have used several of their products, but there are dozens more. All the products are now available as pdf downloads.
    I think of Tin Man Press's books as "anti-workbooks" the way that the old Anti-Coloring Book series were "anti-coloring books." Where workbooks ask expected questions about specific things (which can be a good thing sometimes), the Tin Man Press books ask unexpected questions that make kids think outside the box in different ways.
    We have especially enjoyed Wakeruppers, which are pages with a variety of activities, such as finishing line pictures, filling in letters and writing your name in a new creative way each time. We also liked Letter Getters, which seems simple, but can be extremely tricky. Just Write is a nice way for early elementary students to be pushed to write a few funny sentences. Other books help children with fine motor skills, logic, following directions, drawing and more.
    In general, these books are not a set curricula that you use sequentially, but a fun extra that you fill in occasionally or use to start the day.


    • Fun
    • Out of the box thinking
    • Available as pdf or in print
    • A variety of products and skill levels available

    • Not a full curriculum, just an extra

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